Breakthrough anaerobic workout 4 days before A event?

Hi there,

I have a breakthrough Anaerobic workout (Bekker (level 5.7, current anaerobic level 1.5)) scheduled for today (Tuesday) with my A event (4 hours gravel race/ride) coming up on Saturday. Does this make sense? This is one of the first times I’ve been tapering so not sure what to expect here. This particular day has been adapted a couple of times, so I am not sure if it should be a lower level or not.

Thanks for your help

Edited to include progression levels.

Could be a glitch. You may want to message support and ask.

If it doesn’t sound right I would go with your gut and go with a low PL alternate. 4 days out from an A event you are fine tuning. No sense in digging a hole. Performing well at your event is the priority.

Hey there!

@Jolyzara was correct that this was a glitch you ran into. I refreshed your plan, and your workouts should be looking better now!

Bekker (Anaerobic 5.7) has been replaced with a more appropriate Black Giant -5 (Anaerobic 1.0) for your taper week.

Feel free to let me or TR Support know if you have any other questions!

Thank you! Really appreciate it!

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@ZackeryWeimer i have the same issue as the OP. Bekker scheduled 5 days before my five hour gravel event. Does my plan need an adjustment too? Thanks.

I had this issue too (with a much higher anaerobic level).

@nitinkarkhanis I just took a look at your plan – once you do your Ramp Test or use AI FTP Detection tomorrow, you should get pending adaptations that will sort out your upcoming workouts for you!

@megsambit I see what you mean on your TR Calendar – sounds like a similar mishap we saw at the start of this thread. If you happen to run into something like this again, Workout Alternates can be helpful to make sure you find a more appropriate workout if you’re in a pinch! In the meantime, our devs are working on improvements that should help us avoid situations like this in the future.