Break Down Wheelset for Parts or Not?

I’ve a set of FFWD F6D Tubular wheels I’ve been using as cyclocross race wheels for the past 3 seasons or so, pre-owned before that. I’ve decided I’m done with tubs for various reasons, plan on making the switch to tubeless.

Need to get rid of these but reckon I’ll be looking at about £400 max. as a sale value. Hubs are DT 240s centerlock so good hubs and pretty expensive new. Got me thinking about stripping them down and using the hubs for a rebuild, could possibly then sell the deep section rims separately for a small amount (they’re not perfect).

Good idea / bad idea? Any issue reusing hubs in this manner? I’ll give them a good inspection beforehand.

for that kind of money, you can probably get a set of new hubs.
I’d also think that it’s probably easier to shift the whole wheelset than just the rims.
Which means you won’t end up with a set of useless rims taking up space, and someone can enjoy riding them instead.
All in all, I am not sure it’s worth it

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I think it’s just a case of doing the sums to be honest. The 240 hubs are pretty bomb-proof so I’d see no issue keeping them and just buying yourself some tubeless rims. I wouldn’t expect the resale value of your tub rims on their own to be high though.

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The hubs are worth 150-200 if they look clean. If they are messy - get new decals from SILK

The rims are probably difficult to find an owner for. Anyone looking for tubulars has tubulars.

If you want to rebuild the hub, you probably need the tool for the ratchet ring - it might not come out. I’d try to replace the bearings before I took the whole wheel apart.

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