Another Wheelset thread/question

Looking to get a set of wheels, preferences something I can swap between my road and tt bike… I was initially set on getting a set of HED Jet 6/9 but then started reading up on Flo wheels (also 60/90). Most reviews are quite positive and they’re roughly $500 less than the HEDs.

And to throw a wrench in the mix, my LBS has a set of Vision Metron 55 demos that are priced roughly same as the Flo set.

Thoughts? Suggestions?


Edit: it’s mostly flat where I live and will be racing crits and tris.

I love my Roval CLX64s for swapping between road and TT bike.

The Flo guys are friends of the TR podcast crew, if that means anything to you. The honest truth is that HED, Flo, Zipp, Enve, etc. all produce very good wheels and you’re kinda splitting hairs. Lots of wheels are more expensive not because they cost more to produce or took more R&D, but because they’re paying more for marketing.

Flo wheels will be plenty fast, but maybe not as blingy as a set of Enves.

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I’m looking at getting a set of flo rims and building them up on 240s hubs. Though if I could convince myself to drop $3k I’d get envies.

I’m a bit of newb when it comes to gear but have seen 240s on ENVEs… How much of an upgrade are these to what comes stock on the flos and how much upgrade?

Mostly 240s are a known quantity and the stock flo hubs are their own bargain hubs. And I want to do 16/20 spokes which they don’t offer on their off the shelf wheels.

Mostly it is the depth of the rim that counts between wheelsets. The differences between brands when comparing the same depth class is pretty small.