Road bike disc wheelset recommendations

My roadbike currently has Fulcrum 5 Racing DB wheels. Unfortunately the rear wheel broke (the point where the spoke connects to the hub snapped off).

I’ve never paid any attention to wheels at all :slight_smile: and I was hoping someone with more expertise in this area could give me some suggestions to look at?

I really don’t mind replacing like for like at the end of the day but am open to alternatives. I don’t have any desire to spend much more than I would on a like for like replacement.


Sounds like the wheel itself is fine but just the hub is damaged? If that’s true, you could just buy a new hub and save yourself a lot of money if you’re happy with the wheels.

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That would be awesome. I’ve included a picture below since I don’t know hub vs wheel

Yeah, it’s just the hub. What you would need is a 24-spoke, straight-pull, disk brake hub that’s compatible with whatever drivetrain brand you use. Plus maybe $100 to the bike shop to install the new hub (might be off on this, not sure what is typical but it’s a full wheel build).

Something like this, but there are cheaper options out there as well

FYI, unless the OP purchases the exact same hub they currently have, they will more than likely need new spokes as well. That fact means you CAN consider a traditional J-Bend spoke and matching hub as well.