Recommendations for new budget rim brake wheelset for training

Need recommendations for a new budget training wheelset for road bike with rim brakes. Watching used stuff on Craigslist but nothing interesting or priced decently over last few weeks.

Don’t care about weight, just durability (esp. for PacNW winters) and serviceable hubs. I’ll probably keep this bike forever for winter training (titanium) so longevity is goal here.

Currently have circa 2004 Mavic Ksyrium SSLs, prefer to move to tubeless on this bike like the rest of the fleet.

I like Flo Wheels, reasonably priced, tubeless and variety of widths. Excellent customer service, too. They did have a discount code on their podcast for 20% off. I haven’t listened to the last 4/5 so not sure if it is still available.


I have Vision team 35 comp SL which I rate highly: strong, not too heavy and good looks. Cheap too.

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Those flo’s seem like well thought out wheels. I almost got a set. If you are not apposed to used its crazy how cheap rim brake wheelsets are now on fleabay and the like. Everyone is transitioning over to disc and you can score a really nice set of Zipps or enve’s used.

Can’t go too far wrong with Mavic Open Pro rims laced to 105 hubs. Pretty bulletproof, inexpensive and easy to service or fix if there’s a problem. If you can find a good local wheel builder they’ll be able to put something like this together at a sensible price, or advise on other builds that would work well for what you need.

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Instead of watching for deals on used rim brake wheels, you could instead post an “in search of” post. I have seen many people have success doing that in the appropriate Facebook groups.

There’s plenty of people with stuff laying around that they just aren’t bothering to post for sale. If you put it out there that you’re looking, people will gladly off load their stuff. Just be specific in your request.

I was seeing lots of used rim brake Zipps for ~$600 two years ago. You can probably get them even cheaper now.