Boost Mode in Zwift

Thoughts? Not really a fan of the concept myself…

Null point from me, but this stuff is part and parcel of their game.

I am fair against power ups and disc wheels in races. Its not a straight up fight then. Boost mode…if you want a boot mode…buy a E Bike and ride on the road. BTW I have zero issues with E Bikes.

Eh… ugh… I dunno. I don’t take Z racing seriously anyway, so maybe this makes it more fun? That said, it’s already a show with some built in complexities, and I don’t know if I want to have to deal with more video game “fun” while I’m trying to chase down a break.

I guess I can just choose events where it’s turned off, but given my ride time, and limitations with kids/family/work, it’s hard to find events I want to do in the first place. Will this make it harder?