Deep aero rims - dt swiss arc dicut 1400 (80mm) or Bontrager Aeolus RSL (75mm)


Quite torn between these 2 aero wheelset (deep rim):

  1. latest version of dt swiss arc dicut 1400 disc brake 80mm depth front and rear
    Total weight 1830g
    20mm rim int width / 32mm rim ext width
    DT swiss 240 exp hub
    £500 cheaper than the Bontrager wheelset
    The arc dicut 1100 is totally out of stock everywhere so not a choice

  2. latest version of Bontrager Aeolus RSL disc brake 75mm depth front and rear
    Total weight 1640g (quite considerably lighter)
    23mm rim int width / 31mm rim ext width
    Dt swiss 240 exp hubs
    £500 more expensive than the Dt Swiss wheelset

Assuming carbon quality and aero performance is similar between the two brands (unless I’m wrong), I’m quite unsure about the rim width profile…

Dt swiss must have done lots of research for their latest wheelset to go 20int and 32ext, but Bontrager have increased the int width to 23mm which would be quite good for tyre pressure…

Which one of these wheelsets would be more aero? The one with lower internal rim width but larger external (ie. dts) or the one with larger int rim width and lower ext rim width (ie. Bontrager)?
Is the larger internal rim width (23mm) of Bontrager going to play well with 25mm clincher tyre with inner tube? Or would the tyre pressure drop feel “weird” on the road? I’ve seen a review of the Aeolus rsl 62 where the reviewer wasn’t too impressed with the ride feel at lower pressure on 25mm tyres…

I would be using 25mm gp5000 clincher front and rear (or perhaps 28mm rear) with latex tube.

What about rim/carbon quality and reliability? Is dt swiss better than Bontrager? And what about their aero performance data?

The 3 key factors at play for me are
rim profile width (ie aero performance)
overall weight

Should I stick with the slightly deeper rim at 80mm and get a c. 200g weight penalty, and stick with slightly smaller internal rim width (20mm of dt swiss) and pay for £500 less OR pay £500 more, get a lighter wheelset and larger rim width (although I’m a bit concerned about the aero performance here)?

Quite confused with these two wheelsets so thanks for your help and feedback!

I think the bonts come with a life time crash warranty.

Watt saving for the deeper wheel would be minimal.

I would go with bonts

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Both quality sets so, everything I write is splitting hairs. I use the DT Swiss Arc Dicut 1100 62’s fwiw only because I got them for a price to good to pass up. But, between the two sets you’re considering my thoughts are:

  1. The 290g weight difference is the last thing to worry about between such deep rims. I’m of the opinion that for flat to rolling terrain I prefer the inertia of a heavier set of wheels. Even climbing once everything is stable 290g is just very little. Obviously, accelerating an extra 290g takes more and more energy the steeper the climb. But, weight wouldn’t be a determining factor if it were my choice.

  2. Internal rim width effect on aerodynamics depends on how the tire blends into the rim without creating a bulb like shape. So, it would take a little trial and error but, I suspect a 25 on the DT Swiss and a 28 on the Bonts would be similar. The frontal area of the 28’s on the Bonts would be a touch more. OTOH they may create a better contact patch and you make it up with better Crr.

  3. Price is up to you and subjective. As ABG wrote though if one has a lifetime crash warranty and the other doesn’t that’s worth something if your tight on cash.

It’s a toss up. My heart say Bonts but, I think you’d be stoked with either set.

DT Swiss wheels are supposed to be designed to be more stable in crosswinds, how much of this is marketing hype is unknown and I haven’t personally ridden dt Swiss race wheels.

I agree with one of the posters above, in races that you’ll be wanting a deeeeep wheelset like this, will 190g matter? £500 is a significant difference and I would bet that money could be spent to make yourself a faster athlete more than 190g on your wheels (which when you compare to your own body weight is not a lot).

I would also have a look at what that “lifetime warranty” is actually providing over the standard warranty that dt Swiss offers. How likely is it that your carbon wheelset will have a structural defect that is only found after more than 2 years? They (being any brand) will likely try to wriggle their way out of the warranty and pass blame anyway.

Did you end up making a decision? I’m in a similar boat, I really like what I’ve read about the new Aeolus RSLs. The 20mm internal width of the DT Swiss seems… counter to everything other new wheels are offering (Zipp for example). The Aeolus are a bit more than I’d like to spend especially since I’ll probably want to grab a rear disc wheel for TTs as well.

Curious if you ever considered Light Bicycle wheels?