Bonking, Outside Workouts, Predictions for Cape Epic 2021 and More – Ask a Cycling Coach 261

If you want to try the tire insert thing without the cost of the commercial products, get some closed cell backer rod foam from the local construction store. I made a thread about itHere


Thanks, great thread!

And on Stitcher? I searched and couldn’t find them!

Me too. This race (event?) is on my “list”; not sure if I will ever be able to do it. I am the opposite of Jonathan. It looks awesome to me. But who would want to do it with me - and how could I ever afford it (time and money-wise)? Anyway, I’ll be living vicariously through you - as you talk about training, strategy, equipment, travel tips, etc.

What was I man-splaining?

I want to see some rolling resistance tests with them. If they aren’t too bad I’ll totally use them.

They sound amazing though. I think they’d be cool for cross too, especially if it’s muddy and rooty. I’ve cracked a rim in cross before :grimacing:.

Cape epic is like a lot of fire road racing with technical spots. Watt/kg is really key.

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I believe the Successful athlete podcast will be live this coming week.


Cape Epic vs other, more singletrack-focused MTB stage races: I have the exact same feelings as @Jonathan, but have not done the Cape Epic. Has anybody done both CE and BC Bike Race, Singletrack 6 or the like? Did anybody like CE more? CE just has no appeal to me.


The portion of the podcast dealing with Cape Epic, in particular, the discussion regarding which team had the descent advantage. When discussing Amber’s descent abilities, it was clear that she’s not as accomplished as others on a mountain bike, in fact, you cautioned her to be careful. I cringed because she’s a professional and she certainly appreciates that fact that the two disciplines are different. Although you were probably just showing concern for an employee, it may have been misconstrued by others.

My intent was not to indict, but to merely caution.

I use the TrainerRoad product and I listen to the podcast because it’s great resource for cyclist.

I want to be balanced in my criticism, by also recognizing you and your leadership during this country’s reckoning with race relations and the police. Thank you for TrainerRoad’s contributions to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. As a lawyer and a cyclist, I appreciate this donation will not just help those in need, but the act will also create a culture at TrainerRoad where employees can be reassured that they can speak out when they witness wrong. You are making a difference by using your leadership, capital and voice to speak out against hate.

Five-Star product.

Ron Gaither

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Thanks Ron.

I truly wasn’t trying to explain that to Amber. She knows it already. We have almost all of these discussion in a premeeting.

I was trying to get the point across that I have genuine worry for someone with amazing road skills and not much fear racing on a MTB.

A lot of our audience have never ridden on dirt and it’s an important point to get across for when some of them make the transition.

It’s not the same as road, and if our listeners try to bomb down they could get hurt.


I am listening to the earlier podcasts especially the singletrack six stage race you crashed in and broke your bike.
Not ideal for the Cape Epic race!

The crazy thing is, I’m probably still not ready skills wise to ride ST6. I could probably get through it now though without breaking my bike :smiley:. I don’t think I could race it though, and I would probably walk some descents.

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I would agree so Chad, Amber, Brandon are all in the same boat?

Given the multi-stage race, and that the XCO guys run them, I’d give it a go on some local trails and see. Jonathan recommended the tire noodle vs the cush core. IIRC, Nino Schurter and Kate Courtney run the noodles, at least in the rear. Sure they have W/kg to spare, but if you’re cornering hard, it’s pretty good insurance. It’s not just cracking a rim, but that you can roll on the tire, and not have the tire peel off, if you burp. it can be a saver.

How did you pair up with Sofia Gomez Villafane? I have a strange feeling, in my gut, that you’re going to hold her back.

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I will absolutely hold her back!

She’s Keegan’s GF and she asked me if I wanted to do Cape Epic. I said heck yes!!


Does anyone have a source for the Pepi’s Tyre Noodle in the US? I tried to buy from Ridewill on Ebay and they cancelled my order because of shipping and Merlin’s won’t ship them to the US either.

Where do I find the new podcasts? Successful athlete seems to be available but the I can’t find the science of getting faster. When will it be available?

Not sure when it will be ready

Amber made a comment in the podcast which I thought was right on the money. She said that while descending skills are important, it’s also important to be able to read the course and quickly assess how your skills match what’s in front of you.

This is a very important skill when riding trails blind - when you see that tricky section ahead, being able/willing to quickly make the call to ride slowly, or maybe even walk, than assume/hope you have the skills to ride it through.


This is a weakness for both Brandon and I. If we can ride the trail once, we’re like 25% faster.

We both know that to overcome this we need to see more trail and not stick to the same courses we always do. And of course look ahead.