Bonked on easy workout

Bit of a first for me today - basically bonked during a workout.

And it wasn’t even a hard workout - it was Pettit, which is one of the easiest workouts TR has; basically an hour at 65% of FTP. I’ve done this workout practically in my sleep. But today I bonked pretty hard about 20 minutes in.

Hard to believe I could have been under-fueled for such an easy workout, but just in case here is what my day looked like. Anyone have any experience with sudden bonking on easy workouts??

Breakfast (7am): Slice of toast with butter, lettuce, tomato and diced ham with olive oil/salt, coffee.

11am: 30-minute, 5k run Easy-peasy pace.

Lunch (12:30pm): Home-made spaghetti vongole

2pm: Handful of nuts and an orange

4pm: Pettit - bonked about 20-25 minutes in.



I’ve bonked before. I know what a bonk feels like. This was a bonk.


about 90% of the times I have run low on sugar, started shaking, could not ride anymore… it has been during an easy workout. My theory is my body was not used to needing to burn fat for fuel so during very easy workouts I would fail. But with the same nutrition on very hard workouts, I’d excel. I wonder what others have experienced in this regard.

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There’s plenty of room for guessing here but since you asked :grinning:

I’d wager it most likely has nothing to do with that day at all. Cumulative training load, in it’s various and many forms might have caught up with you, this could have been in conjunction with some type of illness or bug coming on as well.

My other thought is that you did what you described as an easy run in the morning and then wanted to do an easy ride in the afternoon. I’ll take that as your plan called for or you felt that it was a day to dial it back a bit. If it was an easy or rest day maybe one workout or no workout would have been plenty.

I know I am certainly guilty of my easy days not being easy enough until it catches up with me and I’m stuck being pretty tired.

Review what you have done in training and nutrition for the past 3-5 days. A bonk on an easy workout is a cumulative effect. It is about how much fuel you have used, how much you have taken in, total work accumulated, hydration and electrolytes. Normally, I feel a bonk coming on in my brain before I feel it in my body. My cognition will change which tells me I have missed on my fueling.

As was stated above, what did you do the last week?

Sorry, but I have to ask: what about the vongoli?



Ha! I trust my wife’s cooking :slight_smile:
(And I suspect I’d know if I had food poisoning…)

My schedule this week:
Sunday: 6km (35mn) light run in the morning, Leavitt +2 (90mn) 96 TSs in evening
Monday: OFF
Tuesday: RAMP test, 43 TSS
Wednesday: Geiger (1hr, 72 TSS)
Thursday: 7k run (50mn) in the morning, Antelope (90mn, 104 TSS) in late afternoon
Friday: 5km (30mn) light run in morning, Pettit in late afternoon (bonk)

It’s literally one of the easiest weeks I’ve had in months.
My normal routine is a ramp up of weekly TSS from around 550 to 750 or so over three-four weeks followed by a rest week. This week’s schedule was for a pretty typical 550 TSS week.

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