Bone density question

This is kind of a weird question, but would kickboxing help to increase bone density? I’m looking into other endurance-type sports that I can cross-train in that have carryover benefits not found in cycling.

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As cyclist’s we are at risk of low bone density for a couple of reasons… energy deficiency/ nutritional deficiency (it’s consequences) and our non-weight bearing activity among the most influential.

So, on the energy/ nutrition side we need to maintain energy expend v. energy in or at the very least ensure we are loosing weight (if that’s the goal) in a safe manner monitored by a professional. See for more details. This is especially important for females.

On the physical activity side of things we need to experience load. The gym is most likely the best place for this i.e. structured S&C. But I’d think definitely cross training in the form of kickboxing could have some positive benefits on your bone density. A Dexa scan would be the best way to detect any meaningful changes,

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