BMC Masterpiece

Have you already bought your new 700 usd Assos Jacket? Now you can pair it with suitable bike. BMC Masterpiece - only 10 000 USD for a frameset.

This makes Aethos look like a bargain or rather poor man’s bike :slight_smile:

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All those dentists who bought the Aethos!
Bright side… you will find almost new Aethos at a discount!

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Looking at the current market, hi-end fully custom bike like Argonaut (where the whole layup of carbon is customized to your needs individually) seems like a very rational choice in terms of price :wink:

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It takes too long to make each one. We can’t make very many. They will be too expensive.


So if you buy one of these, they’re actually doing you a favor, apparently.


At least BMC is honest and emphasise the price couple of times telling you that this is basiclally extremely expensive Roadmachine:)

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Cycling is the worst.

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This looks like the result of a bet between marketing and ops control.

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That marketing is pretty sickening.

I think average bicycles are already overpriced, let alone these special models


Don’t see why it’s any more sickening than any other top end product. Watches, cars, clothing, smartphones, etc. There’s always a market for halo products at halo prices, and some of that tech/design/innovation normally ends up working it’s way down to more sensibly priced offerings that the rest of us can afford.

I think average bikes are great value for money - the engineering, quality and durability you get on a 105-equipped entry level carbon frame or decent alu frame these days is fantastic for the price.


Yep, there are plenty other examples of equally sickening marketing. The existence of more of them doesn’t make it less sickening though.

That’s fine, we can agree to disagree. But the engineering, quality and durability I get on a 10k motorbike is a lot better than a 10k bicycle.


Not saying it is sickening - they are an entity that makes money. If someone wants to buy it - great for them. The problem with luxury goods it is when this kind of product do not comes with any added value. So cars, watches, clothing can be often considered as an investment when the resell value is higher than purchase. Smartphones are opposite end of things with bikes as they only loose value with time.

I am not judging anyone thay buys these bikes - it is their money and if you buy them, this kind of purchase is probably not different than buying 15 years old car for mere mortals (in terms of a budget hole). Is it good value purchase? Not me to judge. I think only this kind of money will be way better spend on some fully custom butique brand.

Extreme troll thing to do for a person with money:

Order this and put Shimano Claris 9 speed mechanical group set.


Fair enough! Doesn’t really bother me, nobody’s being exploited or harmed by these bikes being sold (as far as I’m aware), and in the grand scale of over the top capitalistic excess this is relatively small beer.

Average bike isn’t 10k though, that’s the top end of the bike market where you’re paying increasingly large amounts of money for increasingly dubious marginal gains! In motorbike terms that’s more like the 40k end of the market where you get the limited edition, superlight and/or supertuned versions of bikes like the Ducati Panigale or Kawasaki Ninja. I’m talking 1.5-2k bikes where you get a machine good enough to race on that will give you tens of thousands of miles of riding if you look after it.

Again, having examples of worse cases doesn’t mean this example isnt still sickening.

That’s not my point though. Its scalable. The engineering, quality and durability of any low, mid or high range motorbike is better than the equivalent low, mid or high range bicycle.

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The part I hate the most of the marketing BS:

They call it an investment!
WHO TF invest on a CF frame!?

Just because something is expensive and low volume, doesnt make it investment!

What a joke! The frame will be made in China for 500 USD tops!

Manufacturing costs and value of a product are not the same thing. It is very low quantity, and claimed to be higher quality (or manufactured in a more expensive way than the normal BMCs). The market has accepted a high quantity bike frame costs €5,000 , so selling a super limited version of such product at double the price isn’t at all shocking.
If someone is willing to pay €10,000 for the frame, it is worth €10,000. Regardless of what it cost to make.

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Apparently this frame is made in Germany.

Theory of utility in economics is still alive no matter what. And I agree - if someone wants to buy it and have satisfaction from this - they should. But specialized at least bothered to do something quite unique with aethos. In case of BMC the promise is quite vague as it sounds like “your new frame will not be a crap”. Maybe the ride quality is some kind of amazing but we need to wait for some reviews.

I understand their offering rather as “exclusivity” and “build quality/ craftsmanship”.
Those are the factors to sell the bike above the standard Roadmachine. I am not even a fan of this product, just saying; people will be interested in this and pay for it.