New Bike...Seeking Advice!

Hi Everyone. Seeking advice from the TR Family. I currently have an Aluminum Alloy bike (2005 K2 3.0) that I use for TR workouts, and the occasional outdoor bike. I have been seeking a new bike for a last few months, but it has been difficult due to the pandemic. Today, I took my bike into the LBS for a tune up and new chain. As I am waiting for an estimate on the services, I come across the following bike, a BMC TeamMachine SLR01. It has Di2 Ultegra components and 35mm Carbon Wheels.

Its a beautiful bike! But, I really have no experience with BMC bicycles, and with purchasing a bike this expensive. The price at the LBS is $2,899. They came across the bike from a consignment store, and it has been sitting their shop for a few weeks. I was quoted that the MSRP was roughly $5,600.

With all this said, I am seeking advice from the TR family! Does this seem like a fair price, and can anyone provide experiences with the BMC bike family? Also, with a local bike shop, is there any room for negotiating a lower price? This is a first time for me. I would greatly appreciate any advice that you could provide.

Some pics (the blue bike hanging up is my current bike that was getting serviced, there is a big difference):

I love my BMC Roadmachine, don’t have any experience with the model you are showing, but its an older model, is it bike new and never been ridden. The stem with that much rise make’s me think it’s 2nd hand. The MSRP that your shop is quoting maybe for a 2020/21 model. Is the LBS a BMC Dealer?

Thank you for your input. They are not a BMC dealer, and I agree that the bike looks like it is 2nd hand. It looks like its from 2016-2017? I rode it around the bike’s parking lot, and its fast compared to my aluminum bike!

I have a 2019 BMC Teammachine SLR02 Disc which I got from my LBS. The MSRP was $5400. Overall I like my bike quite a bit. The bike you’re showing definitely appears to at least have been used before as it’s got a 3T stem on it and not the stock BMC stem. I’d maybe inquire about prior usage on it but for $2900, it seems like a solid deal barring it hasn’t had issues, etc.

That’s a solid bike, and a decent price if it’s in good condition. If you trust your LBS you should ask them to give it a once over to verify that everything is working properly. It might even be worth an extra c-note or so to have the LBS service the BB and headset bearings.

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Not to derail this, but consider your position on disc vs rim.

Not in performance, but in service life. High end rim brake stuff will become harder and hard to find. Eventually it won’t exist.

If you want to keep this bike a long time and potentially have a few different groupsets on it, rim brakes will be limiting.

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BMC is a top-shelf brand, and their Teammachine is one of my top-2 bikes ever ridden. The price is great, especially for the lighter and more expensive SLR01 variant, too. The only niggle is that it is a rim brake bike rather than disc. But on the plus side, this is the complete package and I see no reason to upgrade anything on it: carbon rims, carbon cockpit, etc.

However, make sure you test ride the bike before you buy it. The Teammachine has a more aggressive geometry — which isn’t bad, but you must be able to fit on it. Also, ask you bike shop to do a bike fit. That might add a fed $$, but this will be money well spent.


Not a derailment at all…it is a vital question.

My first reaction when I read the OP post was “F* ck yes you should buy it…that is a screaming deal!” Then I saw the pics and realized it was a rim brake bike and understood why the deal was so good.

Now, parts for rim brake bikes are not going away any time soon…the entire history of road bikes until about 5 years ago was rim brakes. There will be demand and parts for many years to come.

That said, if you don’t plan on keeping the bike long, resale becomes an issue. The demand for rim brake bikes is going down faster than a plane out of gas. If you plan on riding the snot out of that bike and keeping it for a very long time, don’t worry about resale.

BMC is a great brand, but $2899 is a decent, but not great price, IMO. For reference, I am selling a 2010 Cerevellum S2 w/ 10 spd Di2 and tubular Zipp 404 w/ PowerTap rear hub and the bids are sitting at ~$1500 right now.

I’d try and get it down to at least $2500.


That’s a VERY solid bike! I work at a shop that sells them and that model is as others stated “aggressive”. I would say the only reason it has the non branded stem is it’s set up for a high front end and BMC usually specs very long stems, which we often swap out as well. Looks like nice DT Swiss wheels, and Di2??? Rim brakes aren’t going anywhere! Yes, selection will be limited but to go disc with that quality will close you a TON more, especially Di2. If and when you decide to go to disc, just transfer some of the components over. If that bike was in our shop, I’d be all over that in a second! (as long as they can make it fit you). The shop likely takes plenty of time to do a workable fit, as we do. That looks like a real great opportunity to ride a bike that will take you further than anything else for $3k,

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If it’s in good working order, buy it for that price

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Just showed it to our mechanic… he said “F…, BUY IT!” I agree

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Personally not super impressed here. Still a lot of money and I think you can pick up a good deal elsewhere on a disc brake model. No way the best deal on a bike you genuinely love just happened to be sitting at your LBS.

Keep looking if you’ve got the itch IMO.

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Not too likely…there is still a massive bike shortage and the used bike market is insane.

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Pretty sure the fact that BMC is sitting around unwanted is a good example of reality over hyperbole.

There’s always great deals. Keep looking and be patient.

That was a rim-brake bike…for $2850, which kinda illustrates the point I was making. Seriously doubt you’ll find a “good deal elsewhere” for a disc brake bike.

Di2 alone would be 1600-1800, to say nothing of the DT Swiss wheels. Our shop is already seeing a big shortage of inventory, along with most. The BMC SLR is a great machine. If it was my size, I’d jump all over that.

Really? I got an entire 8050 groupset (drivetrain, electronics, battery, charger, brakes, ew111 etc) for 1350. Have prices risen that much?

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Pretty much…all prices are going up pretty frequently and even getting parts is an issue. Shimano is damn near impossible as much is out of stock for dealers. I’ve been looking for a Dura Ace cassette and it looks like May at the earliest. Bike stocks are crazy low.

Those are cheap ICAN carbon wheels, they are $500 on Amazon. They are also not wide enough to be aero for any thing more than a 22-23mm tire. Thats a fine deal if it fits him on a normal stem (not that one), he discounts the wheel value, it’s got a new chain, and that’s his look. If he doesn’t love the paint/look or he can’t make it work with a regular stem, he should walk.

This dude has a round tube AL bike with 9sp? Wants something fresh… probably wants 28c rear tire capability at least. I’d steer him toward a new Shimano R7000 105 (cable) bike with a Hydroformed AL frame (basically all big brand bikes- Trek Emonda, Spec Allez, Cannondale CAAD, etc), which will ride a lot better than this current 23 or 25c bike. If he goes disc and finds the right model, he can put 32 or 34c tires on it and go soft-roading. Then buy a set of current 27mm+ wide CN aero wheels.

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He said bike was NEW, so NOT used Di2. I’d definitely NOT steer him to AL. Whatever; just trying to help him out.

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