Aethos Pro Build

Hello All

Just wanted to share pics of my new build. Aethos frame (not S-Works), Enve 3.4 AR’s, Ultegra Di2 group, Quark DFour PM. Not the lightest at 7.14kg with pedals, cages and computer mount, but definitely a great ride. It’s plenty stiff but smooth riding with 28’s running 60 psi.


Great looking build!

Nice looking bike! Specialized launch of the Aethos reminds of Trek turning the Madone into an Aero road bike, then releasing the Emonda to be what the old Madone was. Seems the Aethos is a throwback to the pre-aero Tarmac.

Nice! :ok_hand:

Definitely looks that way

Nice build, overall very appealing.

If there was one thing I’d change, it would likely be the stem… and I’d change it to a stem with a matte finish, as well as a stem that allows for parallel alignment to the slope of the top-tube (and at the same time cut the fork a little more, lower the stem a little, so that you end up with the same bar-height as you have now).

I think there is an Enve model that might fit, would even match your seatpost :wink: not sure on the available angles of the enve stems though.

Obviously, this would not affect handling or fit by any means but would be pure aesthetics… but having said that, isn’t the Aethos very much that, a bike to be purely aesthetic? :slight_smile:

I agree. I’ve actually made a change to the stem/steerer since this pic was taken.

Funny - I bought the Enve carbon stem. It’s -6 instead of this S-Works -12 degree stem. I actually like the -12 degree better. The Enve stem is exactly the same weight as the aluminum S-Works stem, but it’s double the price. I bought a blingy silver Wolf Tooth anodized spacer set and lowered the stem 10mm which I like even better, but it left a nice stack above the stem. I’ll most likely be cutting the steerer down soon.

Yes, the Aethos is about many things, aesthetics being one of those things :slight_smile:

What a beauty, Very nice build,