Blueberries after a workout, good or bad?

On many occasions after a workout or training ride I’ll have an easy recovery meal of cereals with blueberries and banana, not the best I know but something got me thinking, berries are known to reduce inflammation so are they affecting adaptation?

The science says x amount of protein to y amount of carbs (3 to 1 up to 4 to 1) but I don’t always follow it and adjust according to my workout. For example if I’ve done 60 mins climbing hills I’ll take in more protein at maybe 1:1.
Personally as a general rule, and considering the above, I’d add some protein (yoghurt, milk or protein powder or all) but berries are high in anti oxidants, bananas have potassium so you are replacing some essential nutrients and helping recovery as far as I know, I don’t see a downside to eating whole foods. Cereal wise I add oats.

Oh and blueberries are just so tasty too, watch the sugar intake though

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Honestly, I think any sugar intake form blueberries or any whole fruit is probably fine. It’s pretty hard to overdo it on sugar if you’re getting it in the form of actual fruits. I don’t remember the episode but on one of the TR podcasts, they talked about eating carbs within 3ish hours of your workout and that you can pretty much eat “as much fruits and veggies, especially veggies” at any time of day.

And definitely second adding berries to oats.

If its from food and you aren’t going overboard, I wouldn’t worry about it.

Just avoid excessive anti-inflammatory supplements like Vitamin C supplements and NSAIDS


Nothing wrong with your recovery meal…

Antioxidants from food are fine. No evidence that they blunt adaptation. It’s the antioxidants from supplements that can be problematic with regard to adaptation.

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Had the same question here but no answer:

Thanks for bringing it up again. What I’ve heard in other podcasts meanwhile is similar to the previous 2 answers.

Thanks for the replies :+1::+1: