Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2020

I just bought a new TV for my basement. $599 at costco for a Sony 4K 65" smart TV. Couldnt be happier. TVs are super super cheap right now. I dont think you can really go wrong with anything right now.

I have a guy at work who installs home theaters on the side. According to him, OLED, which is the only major feature that $599 TV does not have, is only relevant at fairly extreme viewing angles. So…pretty much a non issue if it’s just you, a trainer, and a tv. Or, as in my case…90% of the time just me watching a movie solo after my wife/kid go to bed.


That’s not quite true. I have a 55” LG OLED TV, and believe me, you’ve never seen contrast and true blacks like you can get on an OLED. That’s specifically relevant watching movies in low light and/or darker scenes.


That’s entirely possible. I probably dont have the most particular eye for this. I could tell…at best…slight differences between them when they were side by side in the store. Either would have been a huge upgrade over my 10 yr old plasma that was starting to get pretty dark.

Anyway…really what I was getting at is that $500-1000 buys an awful lot of TV these days…


The only time I can tell TVs apart is generally playing video games or some movies. OLED is not mandatory but the blacks are definitely more black since pixels can individually turn off. For zwift/TR you don’t need any of that fluff

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(This is a complete sentence)


I bought a 65" Sony Bravia two years ago for $1100. It’s crazy that they are $600 now. It’s a really nice set.

I wanted OLED. I can see the difference. The blacks are black instead of gray. It looks gorgeous with the right source. OLED was also $3500 two years ago and I couldn’t justify it.

And watching regular 1080p TV, I could hardly tell the difference. In show rooms they show you an incredible 4K blueray video source and then you can really see the difference. But how often do you buy/rent a 4K blueray?

If you have netflix they have pretty good 4k HDR content that looks gorgeous on OLED.

Any good deals on wool socks?

Several of the link posted here apply to apparel… also check REI clearance.

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Black Friday from Cambria bikes. Apparently they have good prices according to one of the cyclist from my bike club.

Sigr - up to 40% off

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Isadore apparel - up to 30% off

Band of Climbers sale

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CASP Black Friday Sale Enter Code BF2020 at the checkout for 30% off

Trek Bicycle Super Stoer ( ) has 20% off everything but bikes with code THANKS20, including bike comptuers.
Just ordered the Edge 530 for $239.99


Hmm, I’ve had my eye on the Bontrager 5 wheels for my Roubaix. Tempting.

Ridge Supply - use Code THANKS30 to save 30% through Mon Nov 30th

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Eliel cycling - Use the code “BESTJERSEY30” at checkout to take 30% off a wide assortment of Eliel jerseys


Isoles - Save 25% on our entire collection at our exclusive Early Access Black Friday.

Use below code by check-out:

Offer valid until Wednesday 25th at 23.30.

Love the back of some of their jerseys - “Everywhere is biking distance”

this thread is awesome - giving some good eye openers into other brands…

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