Bike racing back in Austin

Just learned today that our local crit series will start next 2 weeks with practice sessions and then full racing on the 18th. This is one of the biggest weekly crits in the country with hundreds of racers each week. They have quite a few safety protocols in place, but it sounds like full fields.


You beat me to it!

I have raced it a bunch and have been looking forward to the opportunity to get back out there. I didn’t expect it so soon but given the safety measures they are taking and the limited number of cases we have seen, I will be out there. My profile pic was actually taken on the start line a few years ago, love that race. :+1:

I used to race there quite a bit, but last time I was out there I spent the night at the hospital and it’s been a few years. It’s definitely a great venue, but crits are not my favorite and there is just too much carnage. I’m just hoping this means gravel, road racing, and mtb are soon to follow.

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