Anyone doing Portsmouth crit?

Our local boy traveled from California across the pond to visit family and race.

First up was Full Gas Summer Circuit series #17 at Lee Valley VeloPark at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Looks like he had a good time:

If anyone is racing Friday or Saturday crits at Portsmouth, look for a yank riding a red Madone in an SGW kit and show him a good time!


Hey I’ll be there Saturday AM for the 09:00 race (4th category) - tell him to say hi - Black Cannondale - I’ll be wearing blue club kit as per this video;


Great vid of the circuit here-

Not stirring the pot too much ( :wink: ) but I’ve always had a hunch :uk: races are faster than :us: ones like for like- did he find that?

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he thought it was a little faster. Here are some snapshots of weekly worlds and crits.

Full Gas Summer Circuit series #17 at Lee Valley VeloPark:

Recent Tuesday Night Worlds (flat & windy) after 1000kJ work riding to it:

and another Tuesday Worlds:

Similar speeds and power as our flat and windy Wed worlds.

Local flat crit (Golden State) in May:

definitely a little slower than his Tuesday and Wednesday worlds but those are on open roads.

Hilly race with 318W NP and 2600’ climbing:

lower speeds naturally.

October 2021 Into the Lions Den (sponsored by SRAM and Legion of LA) open category crit with a large field:


Thanks that’s super interesting :nerd_face:


I’m his data scientist LOL

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At Hillingdon last week (another London Circuit), the Cat 4’s were 26mph, the 3’s 28mph and the E123 race was 29mph.
I suppose it’s a little different than a street based Crit as the circuit was designed and built so you can pedal all the way around (although I have managed to scrape a pedal there :roll_eyes::rofl:) and also it’s a lovely smooth surface.

That’s a seriously flat midweek worlds course :sunglasses: Ours is 30 miles with 950ft climbing and we managed 25mph this week.
There’s a fast one in London though where they usually top 29mph!

It was going to be super interesting to see Lawrence Carpenter ( :uk: Cat1/Elite YouTuber) race a Nor Cal Crit with the Vegan Cyclist when he was over a few years ago but sadly a fire ruined the event I believe.


Wed worlds are even flatter LOL. Last night a 30 something year old guy just getting into racing took the KOM of our game-on section:

53’ feet of climbing LOL: a freeway overpass, a levee along the river, a smaller levee, followed by a “slow drag” from elevation 6 feet to elevation 40 feet :rofl:

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Ignore power- he rides without a PM :scream: :thinking:
But this crew are insane :rofl:

I followed him because he won a big gravel race I did but his road rides are crazy!

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464W average! Sure it’s a Strava estimate but still…


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I think one of the others with power was about 365NP for the hard hour ride.