Bike fit for MTB in Sydney, Australia?

Hi everyone. Can anyone recommend somewhere in Sydney to get a MTB specific bike fit?
I’m starting to log some serious time on the bike now and would like to get a professional fit done to avoid injury.


PS. I know there are several Aussies on the site that MTB. It’s worth a shot.

I’m in Canberra so not entirely useful… but I’d probably start at one of the Specialized or Trek stores that offer a fit service - I think they both set up/bought out bike fitting companies? There’s always Steve Hogg too, been around for years.

Disclaimer, I’ve not had a fit done by any of the above.

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Thanks Ben. I’ll look into it.

Steve Hogg looks to be next level. Sounds akin to a client who asked me if I’d seen the ghosts that were in the house.
My response was ’ F off Blah blah’.
Blah blah is a cool person and I respect her opinions, but that’s not my thing.

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I can’t speak for MTB specific fits but a couple of good bike fitters I know of in Sydney are: