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Does anyone have experience with a steve Hogg bike fit system? What are you thoughts, opinions, experiences? Looking for a new fit and I have local access in Austin to someone who uses this method. Also, considering Retul. Any thoughts, opinions, etc. on that system would be appreciated.

The system is only as good as the person using it. The fitter I’ve been to uses Retul, and he works with the numbers that the system provides, but he’s happy to ignore what some of the numbers say if the rest of it makes sense and it puts me into the position that is comfortable and fits my needs…
Personally, I’d ask around your local clubs (or at races or wherever) and see who they have used and who they recommend.


Yup, as a fitter, I am likely biased. But I feel that the person performing the fit is more important than the tools or system employed.

I’ve mentioned this elsewhere

  • The most important tools for a fitter are the ears (solid listening skills), eyes (observant) and an open mind (to pull the riders comments and position on the together).
  • The other stuff is nice, and can help the fitting process. But they can also become a distraction or even a crutch, if the fitter isn’t really good at the basics.

And this too

  • But the most important tool in the process is the fitter. They must listen, understand and work with YOU to find the fit that best suits YOUR NEEDS (not their opinion, current fashion, etc.)

  • Try to get some referrals from prior customers to see if they were happy with the fitter and overall results.

  • I have seen some great feedback from mine and other fits. Some people benefit more than others depending on how much fiddling they have done and how close they may already be to their optimal fit.

  • But it can be especially beneficial if you are struggling with fit related issues and can’t solve them yourself. It’s funny how common sense some solutions are, but you don’t know them and can’t diagnose them without the external perspective and one that is able to spot the necessary flags to make the best corrections.


I am a huge fan of fitters with a physio background. Had no end of problems with my fit which all turned out to be problems with me - couple of months following a programme the fitter set and 90% of issues were gone. They moved my saddle 5mm down and forward, cleats back and out a couple of mm.

Not saying a fitter with different background would not have helped me but perhaps would not have had such an effective approach for helping me.

No personal experience but found this interesting:


I did a Retul fit last fall with a fitter who works at the Olympic training center. I was battling some nagging IT Band issues. Made a few minor adjustments to saddle height, moved to saddle back a bit, and moved my cleats a tiny bit. Amazing how just a couple of little tweaks made my rides so much more comfortable. Worth every penny. Still having knee issues, but better.


If you’re close to Austin, I’d recommend taking the trip to DFW and scheduling a fit with Craig Fulk. Super knowledgeable and has a “no nonsense” approach to getting you fit on the bike. I’ve seeing him for years. He stays pretty busy but if you visit his website you can schedule an appointment and find out more information on his services.

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I had a Retul fit done by an ex-pro/coach

Made very small adjustments (10mm increase seat height, 15mm forward) but I immediately felt the difference and felt more plugged in.
Then as it was on my “race” bike he dropped the stem, checked the angles and kept dropping it.
The point is you need to set the bike up for what you are doing, no way I could do 100 miles on that bike and be able to move the next day, or the day after…(I’m 44 not 24)

Had a Retul fit last year which was very good. Definitely would say though, similar to @mcneese.chad that the fitter themselves can make or break a decent fit.

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