Bike Computer Necessary?

Stupid question, but do I really need my head unit when running TR? Set-up is TR on a Macbook, Kickr, Wahoo HR, Quarq Elsa and a Garmin 810. I’ve always used the Garmin to record the workout, but now that TR syncs to Garmin Connect, do I really need the 810? I figured I can just do the zero offset in TR and be done with the 810 or does TR read the power from the Garmin?

No head unit required for TR. TR will sync to both Strava and Garmin Connect.


Technically you don’t need it, but I like to have it running as a backup just incase something crashes and the data is lost.

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Until TR introduced “outside”, I rode for over a year with no head unit. I can’t think of any reason I would need it indoors.

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I use my 530 each time only so I can use the physio true up via the Garmin platform with my F6X. But no you technically don’t need it.

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I use my garmin head unit so I know my average watts and average hr during intervals - I mainly only pay attention to watts though.

I know TR shows you this at the end of the interval, but I find it helpful knowing this info during the interval unless you can change the display settings somewhere that I’m not aware of?

You can actually. On mobile you just swipe left on the interval graph. I don’t know how it’s done on desktop

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It’s accessible on PC and Mac too. There should be an arrow between the graph and text. Click it and it will expand the current interval stats.

(This is from memory and I might not have the right location).