Spin down/Calibration needed with Power Match?

I’m using a 4iiii Precision crank arm power meter and my Kickr using Power Match. Before every ride, I zero out/calibrate the 4iiii power meter with the 4iiii app. My question is whether I still need to do a spin down/calibration on the Kickr every few weeks or so. If so, is it better to do it through the TR software (calibration) or directly with the Wahoo Fitness app (spin down)?

Thanks in advance for any help/thoughts.

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Nate said it is not required. But it may be beneficial, by getting the power values more close to each other, so PowerMatch may perform better as a result.

As to where to calibrate, I think either source is acceptable.


Yep, the calibration will be the same regardless of whether you calibrate in TrainerRoad or Wahoo :slight_smile:



Thanks @mcneese.chad and @Bryce



Just to be clear, you don’t need to a spin down at all with power match, but you may get more accurate power numbers if you do. If you choose to go this route, do you have to do the spin down before every ride or every now and then?


For a wheel off trainer, twice a month is usually plenty.

For a wheel on trainer, the basic recommendation is each ride, since tire and roller pressure may vary from ride to ride.

@mcneese.chad Thanks.

So would it be safe to say that if I were to pump the tires to the same psi that the spin down would not be needed as often? Also, how does roller pressure change or better yet what causes it to change?