Spindown calibration: Is it required with PowerMatch?

is it necessary if i use a power meter and power match? for my kickr core spindown from 24 mph only gets down to 10 mph when it tells me calibration is complete. not 0 mph.

If you are using Powermatch, it is not “necessary” to calibrate the trainer.

It may improve results, but that is not certain, so some testing may tell you if it helps in your case.

am i even getting a good spindown calibration if it is ending before it reaches zero?

Maybe. You need to see what the message says in the software you are using to calibrate.

It should indicate if it was successful or not.

Yes - the spindown is between two different known speeds - it doesn’t have to go all the way to zero

Also - cosign with @mcneese.chad on spindown not being necessary with power match. I spindown when I move my trainer or swap bikes, but that’s the only time (can be months apart)

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I am using P1 pedals and a Wahoo Kickr. Before each session, do both power meters need to be calibrated? does it matter in which order they are calibrated?

As a (perhaps) secondary matter, for the P1 pedals (or any pther PM for that matter) is there a material difference between using the TR app to calibrate vs the device’s own app?



I use Vector 3 and a Wahoo Snap and would also like to know about this.

i had a similar question recently. few people said that if you are using power match then the trainer spindown is most likely unnecessary.

That’s the presumption I’ve been going on.


I never do the spindown my wahoo snap with my 4iiii. Seems to be working fine

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I calibrate my Stages PM before every workout, but rarely calibrate my Kickr Snap. I’m also using Powermatch and have no issues.

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Smart trainers are just using closed loop control with power as the process variable to control the resistance unit. Since you are using a calibrated powermeter (Vectors in your case) there is no point to calibrate the trainer.

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