Bibs with flat chamois?

Does anyone know of bibs with a flat, thin chamois? I’ve discovered that a flat, thin chamois works better for me than one with ridges in it, which a lot of them seem to have. The bibs that work pretty well for me now and have a flat chamois are the Pearl Izumi Pursuit Attack bibs. But the legs are a little loose on me, so they can ride up, especially when I’m wearing knee warmers. So I’m looking for a different option that might be tighter on my legs and not ride up.


Checkout Pactimo’s bibs with the purple chamois. They get their chamois from Elastic Interface. Their green chamois works better for me. It has more padding than the purple.

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Thin chamois work for me too. I mostly just use Triathlon shorts.


The Pearl PRO Pursuit shorts have a similarly flat bib but don’t ride up. The In-R-Cool or whatever tend to ride up on me.

Assos bibs have a flat chamois. It does actually have very small pockets but not the big ridges that some of them have. They are supremely comfortably and well made (unfortunately also a bit pricey)

These are flat too, no exact model, but mfg no: ECWPAGSRS11ML2

Shimano - Bib Shorts with Pad

What @TravisM said: try triathlon shorts. Very thin and flat diaper.