Chamois-less bibs? Everve?

Hello Trainerroad community.

I am interested in no to low chamois bibs. This is due to looking for an option for spin class, commuting, cross training … i like bibs, but not always looking for the padding. And shorts are not good for me for this.

I found a German company that has an interesting product ( They have a bibs/saddle combo, and seem to market to serious riders.

Anyone seen or heard about this or something similar? They do not ship to the USA.

Thanks much.

Ive had a few pairs of winter bibs without a chamois (rapha springs to mind) but that’s probably a winter bib thing.

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Not much experience here, but you might look for bibs for people who ride recumbents.


Tri shorts usual have very minimal padding, never shopped for tri bibs but seems like they should exist for training purposes.


If you don’t actually need the bib part, there are like 500 varieties of compression workout shorts which are basically cycling shorts without a pad. We just bought some of these for my kid who is a runner:

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You could look at wrestling singlets. They’re basically pad-less cycling bibs, and cheap.

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Infinity Seat is bringing out some very thinly padded bibs (<3mm, I think) made by Jakroo. Voler might be able to put the pad from their tri shorts in a high-end set of bibs but I haven’t tried ordering these yet.

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Expensive, but back when I raced a lot of tris desoto was my mainstay brand: RIVIERA TRI BIB™* – De Soto Sport

Google gave me this link

If you look at the Desoto “Build your Own” bibs, the fleece option is extremely close to no pad at all.

I just flip mine backwards.