Best workout for fastest time trial

What workout in ERG mode do you believe might best replicate your fastest 9-mile pancake flat time trial? Something like a ramp test where your hardest effort is near the end of the time trail; something with several hard intervals above FTP equally spaced with only a few second rest between intervals, or an even flat line that’s something above or below FTP; or something else? I’m 2 months out from race day. Hoping to better a previous 24mph, 22:30 time. 62 y.o. male Thanks

Do you have the power data from the 24mph, 22:30 time ride?


You could try to set up the route in Best Bike Split. It’ll give you intervals and help fine tune your pacing plan.

What about Lolita - TrainerRoad?

That’s usually what I use for my LTHR test.