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Hello, i am looking to start cycling. i am a marathon distance runner and what to start training for a 1/2 ironman race next june. Any suggestions where i should start my training on the bike. Swimming i have a pretty good handle of; i really want to improve my biking capabilities

The one you can adhere to is the best one

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You should provide a bit more detail - do you have a bike? Do you have a trainer? Do you have a speed and cadence sensor? Do you have a Power meter? What cycling equipment do you have or intend to get?

Might get you some more focused answers

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I’d suggest starting with Plan Builder, by setting your target event on the calendar (which allows you to set it as a Half Distance event) and it will layout a basic plan that includes run, bike and swim workout. You can skip the swim and/or run workouts if you already like your workouts there.

But this will give you a starting framework with minimal effort.

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I have a bike and indoor wahoo smart trainer. I use the trainer road app to gauge my power during my workouts. I guess because i have “so much” time to train for the event i’m not sure if i should focus more on certain parts of cycling (building up endurance or FTP, etc) before getting into a structured Half Distance training program.

I would use plan builder - put in your event for next year and it should set you all up

Just like Chad said above