Adding weight training

Im doing 10hr weeks but wondering is dropping 2hrs of Z2 training to fit in 2hrs of weight training a good idea. How does weight training compare to Z2 I wonder.

If you have the time, double up. 1hr Z2 and then use the 2nd hour for weights, strength.

Strength training makes you feel great. Check out the recent trainerroad podcast

If you are doing no strength training right now you probably won’t need a full hour. Good chance you could become too work and it could hurt your on the bike work. Ild start with about 15 minutes twice a week. Just some body weight, core stabilizing exercises and mobility stuff. Stay on that for like 4 weeks and see if you are any faster or just more comfortable on the bike without getting sore or building up fatigue.

I’ve also heard from several coaches to try and align your strength training days with your high intensity days.

Ideally some time after your high intensity ride for the day. That way your body has a better chance to fully utilize the endurance days following up to recover from the large strain of threshold/V02 + weight training.

You have to fit in lifting like a hard workout and plan for recovery. Lifting can leave you sore for a day or two or three until you are accustomed.

That would take me from 10 to 12hr weeks, I feel my body is not not ready for that jump

I’ve been weight training now for a month and amazingly I don’t get DOM’s as bad as I expected. I do two 1hr sessions per week.

(possibly) Vo2 AND weight in the same day! BUT I’d have an extra day’s rest… hhhmm interesting.

Been lifting for a month now and I’m surprised how I’m not getting DOM’S like I expected, my legs are never sore. Only muscle that has gotten sore are my tris.

In general, weight training will make you a more rounded and fitter human being while helping prevent imbalances. It won’t necessarily make you a better/faster cyclist.

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Don’t succumb to the temptation of discounting the “TSS” of weight training, especially if doing heavy lifts. It will sink you if you try to just lump it into your other training.

So we should say a weight day is an intensity day sort of. Not a high intensity day but like a Tempo day or something

But look at the track riders they are in the gym a lot

You can’t make generalized statements for this stuff, it’s a waste of time and likely to just have you chasing your tail. You need to find some way to watch your recovery and make adjustment accordingly.

Weight training can help improve your 1”-1’ power and repeatability through greater force production. It can also help protect your body from injury by improving the strength of stabilizing muscles. It’s complimentary, but not a replacement for endurance work. What’s the point of assigning an arbitrary TSS to it though? If it makes you feel better by seeing a ctl go up, fine, but I don’t know how this changes your actual fitness or helps you make decisions in your training.

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Because it helps obsessive people obsess over their obsessions :sweat_smile:


No I meant to drop 1 hour of Z2 and add 45 minutes of strength on the same day, but per the latest podcast, give yourself a break between the two types of workouts.

Looking for some sort of conversion factor is a fool’s errand. You’ll have to find it for yourself. A coach can really help.

yes. add weight training.

it’s going to be minute for minute the healthiest thing you do for your body all week.

you don’t need to drop the 2 hours on the bike. after a few months into weight training, it isn’t going to impact your rides. just be sensible and don’t crush yourself in the gym on a heavy interval day. when you start you will be sore basically any time you do a new movement in the gym…you can cycle right through that…it won’t hurt anything. just don’t crush yourself to where it impacts mobility.

if you need to drop 2 hours due to your schedule, I would forfeit the 2 hours out of 10 for lifting all day.