Best Sports Physio : Los Angeles - HELP!

Cyclist and Runner here -

been mostly running this year however …

New to Los Angeles (and the USA) urgently need to find a good sports focused physio in Los Angeles - who isn’t trying to sell snake oil or offers the "well just don’t run’ advice

any help would be greatly greatly appreciated!

history : developed some hip flexor pain yesterday on 18 miler day and now can’t walk without pain. :frowning:
a little bit panicked!

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Highly recommend Dr. Tim Woo with SoCalBikePT based on my personal experience. He helped me sort out some long running hip and ankle issues. His approach is highly individualized and designed for athletes.

He is passionate about his work and always made himself available whenever I’d have questions.

thank you very much! my issue definitely has areisen through running … do you think he’d still be a good fit ?!

Definitely still a good fit. He does free phone consultations so you can ask him about your specific running related Issues and see if he’s a good fit for you.

thank u so much! have reached out to him! appeciate ur help hugely!