"Best" plan according to user statistics

With all their data, has TR ever talked about the best plans to see improvements? Example, would be, if I want to see the biggest jump in my FTP, according to your age group and other factors, you should do X plan.

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Everybody responds differently to different types of workouts. If you find “best” plan that gives biggest boost for FTP for 51% of users, you personally may be in other 49% :slight_smile:

Anyway, here’s old somewhat similar topic:

Thanks for linking to that. It’d be cool to see that more data there.

I suspect there are so many confounding factors, that this is pretty much impossible to give any insight into what training plan I should use.
Every (decent) plan works, as long as you stick to the plan (as far as possible).

Very simple. Given enough time, I would see my best performance on an high volume plan. But in my current life, a HV plan would probably result in the worst performance. So in real life, a LV plan will give me the best results, because i can actually handle that load and be consistent.

That said, your question is an interesting one and assuming the enormous amount of data TR has, some sort of answer could be formulated?

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I could be wrong I suspect that some plans, like a 40k TT one won’t be designed to raise your FTP ss much as others, but place an emphasis upon raising your TTE. If that’s right perhaps at the other end Sprinter plans will be aimed at raising your FTP more significantly but will place less emphasis on TTE. There’s probably a gazillion other factors though :joy:

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Pretty sure Nate said somewhere that one of the problems is that most people make some sort of changes to the plans, and rarely follow them exactly. That was before AT, but now, it’ll be even harder to tell, as everybody essentially gets their own plan.


Great link, thanks for sharing

And now that TR has AI FTP detection which can predict your FTP based on training history maybe the next step is recommending workouts that maximize for an individual


  • I am pretty sure they see Progression Levels as the answer for this, along with the adaptations applied to plans as well as recommended workouts in TrainNow.

I often pick an alternate as some of the sweet spot workouts are essentially the same back to back (i.e. some version of 4 x 10 min, etc). Sometimes you aren’t feeling it so level down, other times feeling good and choose a stretch workout. That’s just (self) coaching. I think as long as you stick to the basic format it is still relevant. That said, if you are switching things around to the point is a whole new plan than data is definitely skewed. And as mentioned, with custom plans and AI, individual plans make it even harder to compare.

I think I heard @chad once say “ the best plan to pick, is the one you actually follow”.
I’ve had good success doing LV + 3-5 hours endurance a week. Also doing the MV plans and not adding too much volume except swapping the Sunday sweet spot workout with a long endurance ride.

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What do you mean you don’t believe statistics?

87.4% of people don’t believe them. :grin:

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