Any advice on riding/staying/renting a bike in Mallorca?

Planning a two week trip to Majorca/Mallorca in June. Have never been. Two locations we’re staying in are Pollença and Canyamel.

Trip will be mostly hanging with the misses but would love to sneak out for some rides while I’m there.

Travelling from west coast of U.S. Guessing will probably have to rent a bike and car close to Palma airport before the 60 min drive to Canyamel.

Thanks in advance!

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There’s quite a few Bike Hire places in Port Pollensa. My mate used to work in this place

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I visited Mallorca last May and had a great time. Tons of lodging options - vacation rentals etc. but we stayed in Port de Pollenca at La Goleta Hotel de Mar which was very nice - great breakfast (included both ‘continental’ and ordered), 24h access to an espresso machine and both still and sparkling water. Complementary bike storage/tools/wash in the building. Very convenient to the waterfront and restaurants. Obviously great access to the classic Cap de Formentor peninsula ride (my profile pic is from one of the ever-preset roadside photogs on that route), as well as up the Col de Femenia route to Sa Calobra.

For a bike rental, I used Mallorca Bike Hire, just a couple blocks away and got a Cannondale Supersix Evo with 12s Ultegra Di2 and carbon wheels for a very reasonable price.

Awesome. Thanks so much.

We always stay in/near Port Pollenca and take our own bikes. Cheaper to rent a bag and have your own bike out there than rent when going for more than 3-4 days.

Almost seems like a wash when travelling from L.A. Add in the six total change flights and three hotel changes, between the baggage fees, bag rental , and lugging around I figure it’s best to rent one.


Has anyone done one of the guided group trips? Any recommendations?

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I used

Lol, I’m on their web site, thats me in the yellow DCC top with Saltires on the sleeves.


If you don’t have iron butt, then you might prefer to have option on using own saddle. So take own saddle with you.

Good idea. Thanks.

There’s a value to having your own bike too. How much is the question. I’ve done more trips away where I borrowed or rented, and it’s easier to work out transportation, but when I did Mallorca, I brought my own and it made the riding that much more special.

I just vane back to Denmark from Mallorca Yesterday. Stayed in port de pollenca. Lots of rent options and not to far away from some popular climbs like sa calobra and puig major. I rented a bike, but would bring my own the next time. If doing +3 hour rides, it id pretty tough to ride on a bike that is not your own!

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Thanks for the tips. Splitting the trip between two sides of the island but staying in Pollenca for six days. I’m not sure I can fit luggage for two and a bike in a compact hatchback so assuming I should rent a mid size car?

Bike is for riding. Let you spouse drive that hatchback from A to B.

Take a look at and I’d also recommend taking their Rescue & Recovery service.
If you have a mechanical, taxis in general will not pick you and a bike up, and even though the island roads are full of cyclist outside of major towns you’ll not find bike shops.

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