Best Garmin Power Avg for IronMan Bike Leg?

Question for experienced full long course triathletes … should I leave my Garmin at 3sec avg power for the bike leg - or would it better to change it to 5sec avg to get a smoother, less jumpy power number in front of me ?
( doing my first full distance in a days time … will be looking to lock onto a power number and just sit there for the 5 - 6hr ride, and then run as well as I can in the marathon )

Go with how you have trained … dont change stuff on race day


How lumpy is the course, how often will your target power change?

@WildWill has it right, no last minute changes please! You’re skilled in staring at the wattage the way it is set up right now. If the reading becomes more or less jumpy than it is, that could only distract you. Good luck.

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I am assuming you are going for a goal time? I would use what you have but also have NP on there and use best bike split to figure out what your NP needs to be in order to hit your goal.