Best FKT style epic routes? (100-200 miles, US)

I’ve been thinking about a few solo “alternate calendar” options to motivate myself recently and was wondering if anyone had some suggestions for good epic one to two day routes that would be a good challenge.

Right now, White Rim and Kokopelli trail come to mind, which are conveniently located in my region within a reasonable travel distance, but I’d be curious what the other big routes are that people think would be good adventures to tackle.

Ideally, I can make an “event” out of it for myself and get the same type of race fulfillment in the absence of my preferred style of racing this year.

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If you’re in the Moab area, Whole Enchilada and Mag 7 in a day would be pretty epic. You’d need to arrange shuttles though, which might complicate things. Or Whole Enchilada up (via the road) and down under your own steam, no shuttle.

White Rim is also on my list. A couple of friends and I were hoping to do it this spring, but the park wasn’t open until May 29th. By then it was too hot. We’ll likely give it a go in October or Nov.

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Today is the summer solstice - longest daylight of the year. Every year someone I know goes from Sacramento to Tahoe. This year’s edition;

That puts me in mind to go back and look up the Tour of California route into Tahoe that ends at Heavenly. That could be a fun day.

Folsom up along Hwy 50 (not on it) to Mormon Emmigrant Trail to Hwy 88 to Picketts Junction and then north to Hwy 89 and into South Lake Tahoe.

^safe route. One of the ToC to South Lake Tahoe started in Lodi and took roads out of the valley that are only safe in a car.

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I’ve done white rim by moonlight (using no lights at all). That’d be the only reasonable way to do it this time of year. Same with koko. Highs in the 100’s already in Moab, and will be until September.

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I’d would plan on targeting some time in late September or early October I think. Definitely wouldn’t be during the summer.

Doing the Strava trial and I exported the Folsom to South Lake Tahoe route to RWGPS:

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and Folsom to Truckee with bonus gravel:

you can reduce gravel by using going from Auburn to Foresthill via Foresthill Road.

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The dirty 130. It actually has its own webpage with details

Very cool! I’ll add this one to the list. Full east coast is a bit of a drive right now, but next time I’m out there I’ll see if I can string this into the trip.