Tahoe area mountain bike recs

Hi all- I am doing the Tahoe Trail 100 this year and taking vacation after the race - looking for recommendations for good mountain bike rides in the tahoe/truckee area. Mr. Toad’s wild ride has been on the bucket list for a while now, and have ridden carson city off road years ago, would like to re-ride some of that. My husband and I both have good endurance and tech skills. Any suggestions would be much appreciated! Thanks!

A few of my favs…

  • Big Chief in Truckee for some rocky goodness.
  • Incline trail for a chill, scenic ride. (Lots of hikers, go mid-week)
  • Tahoe Rim Trail because it’s a classic. (Bikes only allowed on even days)
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I’ve not ridden TRT for a long time, but the even days used to only be a restriction on the Tahoe Meadows to Tunnel Creek Road section (north East area of the lake). Have they extended that to more sections?


Good question. I ride from incline village so not sure about the other parts of the trail. Since the OP is doing the race I was assuming they were staying on the north shore.

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