Common FKTs in the US

FKTs (Fastest Known Times) are becoming more popular, and probably the two most well known are Kokopelli and White Rim. Obviously these rides are long and hard, but I was wondering what other ~24hrs or shorter routes there are out there that might be a good FKT route. With the growing interest in these rides, having more of them can only help, and similar to the running world, it might actually become a thing with thousands of routes and opportunities. I’m a mountain biker, so this type of thing isn’t completely unheard of, but I’m not sure how FKTs are viewed by the road folks.

There are a couple of big FKTs I’ve seen people go for in the Mid Atlantic, they are definitely all on the long side like Kokopelli rather than White Rim.

C&O Trail from western MD to DC

The Massanutten Ring. Brutal MTB route, originally an ultra race.

Then a new set of routes that has been really popular over the last 3 years. RockStar, 3 route options through the best of the Virginia Blue Ridge.

Holy cow! the Massanutten ring looks brutal! Thanks for sharing those!

We have some gravel ones in Tennessee. Heres one, with more on the same site: