Best direct drive dumb trainer? Already have power pedals

I was wondering what direct-drive dumb trainers there are. The only one that I can find is the Cycleops Silencer. Which while isn’t a bad option is comparable to the Tacx in price ($100) less. I already have power pedals so I don’t really need the smart capabilities. Cheers.

Not a ton of options in this style.

Magene T100 is available new.

Elite Volano or Turbo Muin are out of production options that may be found used or somewhere that still has new/old stock.


Personally I have power meter pedals too but would really miss the smart features of my trainer.

I like erg mode on trainer road and the altering terrain on zwift etc.

I was happy with my Elite Zumo (not sure if this is available in the states?)

  • upgraded to a kickr and didn’t really notice much difference other than better ride feel.
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I had an Elite Turbo Muin, with power meter (and pre-covid regularly used hybrid rollers, which I still have), before getting my Hammer 1. I’d have zero doubts that I’d immediately replace the smart turbo if it broke in a terminal way!


I have a 2T and use it mostly as a dumb trainer. Great resistance, momentum simulation is nice, basically silent. Works fine. Not the cheapest option obviously.


Lemond Revolution 100% if you don’t mind the noise (noise canceling headphones are essential), and if you can find one at a reasonable price.

FWIW I was convinced I didn’t need a smart trainer, having used power pedals with a CycleOps TheSilencer and then a Lemond Revolution after the Silencer broke. But I got a 2T on sale and I love it now. A bit worried about durability but we’ll see.


Elite made a few fluid direct drive dumb trainers. The Muin is the daddy of them all, but they also made the Torno and the Volano. I have the Volano, and I’m very happy with it. Now that I am in shape, I wish I had a Muin. This is less about max power (which is 1,400 W on my Volano), and more about the typical gearing. I start in gear 6 or 7 and can’t do low cadence drills (think 50 rpm) at high power output (FTP and up). But apart from that, I’m very happy. My Volano uses the same XDR driver as its newer models, and it supports all the new axle standards.

There are two versions of the Muin, and I think the newer one should be compatible with through axles whereas I think the older one is not.


I mostly use my 2017 Kickr direct-drive as a dumb trainer in standard/level mode which best emulates riding outside. It just works without any tire drama. No tire, no drama. :+1:t3:


Used gym spin bike?

Why direct drive? If the only reason is because they are quieter you could try an elite fluid (e.g. qubo). They are v quiet also, despite being wheel on.

If you can get hold of one the aforesaid Muin is great. The only reason I gave mine away was that I live in a tiny flat. Which had led me to getting a Suito but in all honesty I think the muin although not clever gave me a better workout :+1:

I have an old Silencer. I wouldn’t really recommend it. For its time it was great but over the years I’ve had to take it apart and do some DIY rebuilds to keep it running. Compared to my H3 the feel of the resistance is terrible, but you don’t know what you’re missing until you try it and it was good enough for me until I upgraded— but I couldn’t go back now.


There are many advantages. For example, with the amount of training I do, I’d need a separate rear wheel with a training tire and a cassette. (I don’t want to use up an expensive tire on the trainer.) So price-wise, that’d be more expensive. And the ride feel with a direct drive trainer is more consistent.

For comparison, I got my Elite Volano used for $200ish. The cassette cost another $100 (SRAM cassettes are very pricey in Japan). This year I had to buy an XDR driver body from Elite and Force 12-speed cassette. But again, if I had a wheel-on trainer, I would have had to buy both, too.