Hyperglide Compatible 12 speed Casettes?

So I just got a new Shimano XTR crankset and learned that the chainring I have is only compatible with hyperglide chains. The issue is that I currently have a GX eagle cassette which I’m not sure works with hyperglide chains. Are there any cassettes that are known to work? I looked at the E*Thirteen cassette but it says not compatible, I also looked at Garbaruk but couldn’t find if the xd driver cassette is compatible. I’ve heard conflicting things on SRAM Eagle cassettes.

I know it would be best to get shimano cassette but there’s no microspline hub available for my hubs so it needs to be xd or the old standard.

Edit: Looks like wolf tooth makes a different chainring that will solve this whole situation

It sounds to me you just bought the wrong crankset. Why didn’t you get a SRAM crankset instead?

Found a decent deal for the XTR crank set and seemed cheaper overall for getting a power meter on my mountain bike. Figured it pretty much be plug and play.

Well, with 11-speed we know from experience you can mix-and-match. I run a SRAM Force 11-32 cassette on my road bike that is equipped with a mix of 105 and Ultegra components. Also the 12-speed groupsets of both manufacturers seem compatible if threads like this one are to be believed.

Still, probably sticking with one manufacturer will give you better shifts and chain retention.

FWIW I use a Shimano chain on an Eagle cassette and it’s fine, but read this:

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