Best Bike Split output format for TR Workout Creator

Good evening everyone!
I admit that I didn’t search the forum thoroughly, I apologize for this. In short: I use TR and Best Bike Split (already used with extreme satisfaction outdoors). On Ride With GPS I have a race track, (TT), which I will export as a FIT or TCX file to then load it into BBS, where I will set a target to reach on race day. Question: to upload it, (and then model it through Trainer Road and its Workout Creator), I have to export it from BBS in which format? I see that there is the specific one for Trainer Road, but, some time ago, I thought I read, (I can’t remember where anymore…), that it was much better to download it in mrc format and then upload it to TR’s Workout Creator.
Thank you very much for the help, good evening everyone!
Corrado, Italy.

I just started with Tri Dot and I save their workouts as a .mrc file then drag it into Workout Creator

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Hey there!

This support article should help:

We do recommend exporting your file as an MRC file. That will allow you to drag the file directly into the TR Workout Creator.

Feel free to let me know if you have any additional questions!

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Thanks so much @ZackeryWeimer !
Perfect ! I have been read, now, and save this!
OK, is only this question i have in mind, in the next days, i go to try.
Thanks again and have a good evening!

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Thanks so much @Billabong ! Yes, this is confirmed in the next post of Zackery.