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I want to try best bike split and noticed there is a spot to enter a coupon code. Is there any cross discounts/trials with Trainerroad or Wahoo?

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There is a rather generous discount if you are a TraingPeaks premium user.


Thanks, Tiffany. Maybe TrainerRoad will offer something similar at some point…

For now, you can try the free version. I did that before I subscribed to the service. To be honest, it did take me a while to figure out how to use it correctly. Maybe I am just slow. Now that I know how to use it, I find it very helpful and put most of my weekend rides in it after I create them in RideWithGPS.


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They’ve had two recent sales that both offered big discount - the Ironman weekend and Black Friday.
I don’t remember any other sales other years. I’d used the free version and probably could have stuck with it given the relatively few events I do but got sucked in during the Ironman discount. I have found it useful being able to plan multiple events or even plan multiple options for one event to see how targets change given different goals.
Hope you find a code somewhere.

What’s the discount? I am a TP member.

I think that it was 40% off if I am remembering correctly ($60/year).

Is there a code?

No. There is a special join page for members. You should be able to google it or email BBS. They have a very good customer service group.

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There is a Wahoo 30 day free trial, haven’t used it myself yet but assume you have access to the premium features. I like the idea of the head unit integration but can’t justify the premium subscription for the amount of times I would use it. The link should have come with your email registration of your Wahoo product.

@brux Best Bike Split is owned by Training Peaks, hence the ease of TP offering BBS at discount.

FYI: I use BBS - it’s not perfect, but very good. It’s mostly used by TTers; works well for hill climbs as well; I’ve also used it for hilly rides (e.g. 50mi; 5kft) - works well for the overall time/NP, but could use some improvement on the segments of the ride (not so much its calculations, but how it is reported)

Thanks. I just checked and do have a code. Appreciate the help.

Just received an email from Best Bike Split, from now till 6th Jan get 20% off new subscriptions using code NEWYEAR20