Best bike split on head unit?

just a thought i had during a training ride.

What if best bike split could be loaded on to your head unit, and gave you power goals in an interval form such as it would for a trainerroad outdoor workout for a TT?

It would track where you are on the course, and give you your recommended power accordingly.

Just a long training ride thought.

It does do exactly that.


Hmm. Well I feel dumb :sweat_smile: I’ve only ever used it once, and didnt know it did that. I just wrote the power down on my bars lol, good to know though.

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With races cancelled I have decided to give a local route I do a go and see what kind of time I can do so I am going to use Best Bike Split on my Wahoo head unit for it.
The only thing I’d kind of like to see them add to it is the ability to auto-lap on intervals as they do with TrainerRoad outside workouts. That way I could have lap power as a field on my head unit without having to hit the lap button every time.

See, maybe that’s what I’m thinking then… it automatically changes your lap screen depending on where you are on the course

I didn’t have any screen changing on my head unit. I will bring up a notification on any screen that I have a new target coming with the distance counting down.
But unlike a planned outside workout, every new target doesn’t create a new lap. So in order for me to have a useful lap (interval) power I have to manually hit the lap button.

The only page that gets automatically switched to on my wahoo is strava live segments. That will change the screen when a starred segment approaches. But never had this experience with Best Bike Split.

One thing to note is that when I run it as a simulation on my Kickr, I get the target power field but not the notifications on any screen. I assume they think that indoors you will be looking more closely at the head unit and not require notifications.

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I’ve used the BBS app on my Garmin 520 plus and it works pretty well. I like to reduce the amount of race intervals though otherwise I find the constant power target notifications really annoying. You can do this when you set up the race plan within the BBS website. The site uses the max intervals by default for greater accuracy, but this results in some of the race intervals being only 30 sec to 1 min long.