Trying out Trainerroad

I’m new to the world of indoor cycling but would like to go faster on my bike.
I’ve tried Zwift (which is ok) but my internet search recommends trainer road for improving speed.
Please can anyone point me in the direction of a free trial so I can test it out.
Many thanks in advance.

Unfortunately there isn’t a free trial; however they offer a 30-day money back guarantee if you don’t like it. Alternatively if you stick around for a while someone may have a spare referral code they can send which will give you a month free - afraid I’ve given all of mine to friends.

Welcome to TrainerRoad!

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Message me First name Last name and Email - I’ve got a spare

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I have 3 referal codes if anyone wants one.


@Timfletcher, we try not to share email openly here. I pulled your info and sent a direct message to @PT1 for you, with your info.

Thanks that would be fantastic.

Oh sorry. I’m new to all this forum stuff. Apologies showing my age

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No worries. Just trying to protect your personal info.

Welcome to the forum and TrainerRoad.

Happy training :smiley:

Hi @neilp1980 if you had a code that would be fantastic.
I just want to see if Trainer Road can make me faster.
I’m afraid I’m ‘not the sharpest tool in the shed’ when it comes to computers, forums & internet stuff. Thanks for your help

You will make you faster by using TR. the plans are simple to follow. Trust them and give everything the time that is needed. (Faster won’t happen overnight).

There will be good days. There will be rough days. There might even be downright bad days. Remember that things will get better.

Ask questions here. Listen to the podcast if you do that thing (tons of info in there).

Pick a plan. Trust the plan. Do the plan. You will get faster.


I’ve been so impressed with trainerroad this winter. The plans are tough, but stick to them and you will soon see positive results. Enjoy

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Hi. Do you still have a referral code ?

Here you go: Refer a Friend - TrainerRoad

Thank, much appreciated.
Do i have to have a subscription to use refferal code ?

I never used a trial code but I assume you wil have to provide your creditcard information.
Don’t forget to cancel your subscription if you decide to not go forward with Trainerroad after the trial period.


Used another code about 3 months back and it worked
I have completed information but mentions code is not valid. Perhaps could be used.

More Referal codes here: OLD: TrainerRoad Referral Code, Free Trial Requests & Sharing

Welcome to the wonderful :heart: TrainerRoad family @Timfletcher :heart:

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The code isn’t yet redeemed as I can check the status of the referral but I think you can’t redeem two trial codes for one account. If that would be the case you can just take advantage of the trial codes indefinitely.

Yeah I’d you already used a trial code then you won’t be able to use a second. At that point you should be deciding you you want to sign up for the service as a paying customer or not.