Best Bike Split and Garmin 520 Plus - How do I get this dang thing to work

I reluctantly had to give up my Bolt for the 520 Plus, only for Varia radar. I’m really starting to hate the thing. I cannot get Best Bike Split power targets to work on here to save my life. I can’t even get the stupid Garmin Power files to stay saved in the folder. I’m about to throw this thing in the river, get my Bolt back, and just allow myself to get hit by cars with the lack of radar. Anyone using Best Bike Split power targets with the 520 plus successfully?

I’ve been having trouble getting power targets on my elemnt too. I have contacted wahoo support and I am sending them log files but perhaps the issue is with Best Bike Split and how it’s syncing the data.

I’ve done it for the last 2 years. It does require finesse and patience with connect IQ. Follows BBS directions exactly and it should work out.

Hopefully BBS will use garmins new API so we dont have to deal with the connect iq nonsense.

Do you use the BBS app or just the data field from the IQ store?

I generally use the app but have had problems with BLE timing out. In those cases I manually downloaded to the garmin after exporting from BBS.

I’m having no luck with BBS and my Garmin530 either. Element support was perfect, never a single issue. The ConnectIQ app gives me a data field called (from memory) BBSPower2 or something, and it simply doesn’t display anything on screen. Currently ‘working with’ BBS support but it does seem the Garmin support is much thinner than the Wahoo support

What if you did indeed get your wahoo back, ditched the garmin as your computer, and bought the little garmin addition to the radar. I searched for a part number unsuccessfully but just google varia rtl bundle

Anyone have BBS working with Garmin these days? Mine does work except that the BBS Power field displays “Cont. to next” until I reach the second course point, whereupon it starts working fine. So still usable but kind of annoying (just have to remember what power to start off at).

TrainingPeaks support haven’t acknowledged that there’s an issue, but rather have pointed me to their Best Practices document, which recommends cropping the first half mile of the course, and then choosing to navigate to the beginning of the course.

Haven’t tried this yet, but it seems like kind of a drastic measure. Worked fine on my Wahoo without doing anything like that.

I have done it for the last year…