Best bike rack for hitch

def. 1up, my only concern is that it’s pretty heavy so if you have to put it on/off for every use (street parking) I would take that into account. I used to keep mine folded in the trunk when not in use and it was a bit of a pain. I imagine most people just leave it on for long periods of time if they have a garage/drive way and use it to get the bike out daily.

I just bought a Kuat NV 2.0 from REI on their sale and am very happy with the purchase so far. Bike goes on easy and seems very secure. The arms have a very soft rubber lining so as to not damage the frame or components of your bike. I am taking a 4 hour trip with it this weekend so I will report back on my experience.

No experience with the new one, but it looks very sharp and a nice improvement over the prior 1-UPs.

I tested Kuat vs 1-UP at the trailhead, and guys in my group have both. Consensus is they are both great racks. The Kuat wins in ease of use and has some nice features. Aesthetically, the Kuat typically wins for most people. I went with the Kuat but would be happy to have either.

OP - Try that new one and report back :slight_smile:

I have the Equip-D, though have only had it for a short time so I can’t speak to too much just yet. I really like it. I think it looks slightly cleaner (narrower frame profile, enclosed ratchets on the arms, etc) than the OG but functionally it seems just as solid. I do like to fold up/down release mechanism a bit more and it seems to me to be pretty solid. I just bought my brother a OG heavy duty version for his birthday and we’ll set it up this weekend, so I’ll have a bit more side by side feedback.

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I don’t have experience with the Equip-D, but I did recently purchase a 1-UP rack and considered it. I ended purchasing the OG 1-UP rack over the Equip-D solely because the trays on the OG rack can be folded up in seconds without requiring any tools – the arms on the Equip-D can also be folded but you need to mess with a bolt.

If I wasn’t an apartment dweller where space is limited, that might not have been as important to me, and maybe I would’ve went with the Equip-D for the added convenience of the built in “EZ Pull” functionality and apparently improved ratcheting mechanism.

But fwiw, I did scour multiple bike forums in search of reviews on the Equip-D, and I couldn’t find many (probably because it’s relatively new). Whereas the OG rack is very well regarded across all forums.

RockyMounts, have been my go-to before and after i got rid of roof racks.
I have been on their Split rail but i loaned it to a friend who trashed it off roading.
Now looking at their new GuideRail which takes the all aluminum look/feel of 1-up and kuat to the next level with clean lines and anodized accents. Their design vernacular has always been efficiency on the vehicle through aero (ye not a deal on hitch but they still look at this) and most importantly weight . For an all aluminum build the new guide rail is still a sub 50# rack where most of the 1-ups and kuates are 50-60 GuideRail

My folks have the Equip D, it’s definitely a bit easier to use than the classic 1UP. If you use the rack a lot the Equip D is worth it.

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Another option instead of a 1UP in case some don’t know is the Quick Rack Mach 2 from Quikr. Its supposed to be an updated and improved version of the 1UP by the guy who originally designed it although from a quick scan of the webpage, looks like they’re no longer describing it as such.

One of the advantages with the 1Up that hasn’t been mentioned here yet is that you can use the ratcheting arms to stagger the way the bikes sit in the trays a bit. This makes it easier when carrying multiple bikes to make sure they aren’t contacting each other anywhere.

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Bought a 1up super duty this fall with 2" receiver. Super duty for two reasons, just bought a Cannondale SuperSix Hi mod evo, and I did not want the rack to touch the frame. This rack is awesome. Been updating racks since mid 1970’s. This one is the best ever. I bought the super duty because it will handle up to 75 pounds. My wife’s ebike is 52 pounds. 95% of the time it is just me riding so I take off the add on, which takes under one minute to add, and use the single. The single rack is about 28 pounds. I can lift it with one hand. Comes completely assembled. I did buy locks so when I need to make a rest stop my bikes are secure. My present car did not have a hitch on it. Uhaul installed a Curt 2" hitch, for $235 installed. Looks great.

I was super interested in those, though their lead time is wild right now and they’re a decent bit more expensive than 1up. Would love to hear from someone who has one

I have the Thule T2 Pro XT and have been thrilled with it. My mom has the Kuat Sherpa and I prefer the Thule. I like that locking mechanism to the hitch is built in vs. having another piece. I also like that each bike has a built-in lock. I use an extra Kryptonite cable to secure the rear wheel to the lock and I feel good about parking at rest areas, burrito joints, etc. and leaving the bikes locked up. I also have a fat bike strap that works really well (I have 4.3" tires and this was the only modification I needed). Roadies with 25 mm tires up to the fatty feel secure and I’ve gone careening down bumpy mountain passes without issue.