What's the most you've spent on a bike?

Reading the excellent Death of RR thread got me wondering:

What’s the most you’ve spent on a bike? Doesn’t have to be a road bike…just any type of non-ICE bike.

For me the top (so far) is $1300/GBP1025/EUR1140

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$700 for my CX bike last year (raleigh rx 1.0 2x11 sram), was marked down end of year, and it has cantilever brakes so it’s probably not cool anymore lol

I replaced my 1995 raleigh, which I paid $100 for, with a new Allez last year, and that was in the $600 range (entry level with claris, I’m totally ok with 8 speed and could upgrade shifters if I really wanted to)

Competitive cycling doesn’t have to be super expensive, in my opinion, fitness trumps equipment, at least at the lower levels. I doubt I’d do much better if I had top gear

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$1700 on my Trek Domane with Tiagra. Lol at the fact that $1700 is entry level in this sport :joy:

In 2018 I PAID $8000 NZ for a Canyon Aeroad CF SLX Disc 8.0 Di2 + $1500 NZ for Assioma Duo pedals. I got a 10% discount off the bike for having a UCI race licence. My old bike is now relegated to the trainer.

We’re going to see a big range of numbers here! I was about $1250 into my Diverge. I’ve since double that in power meter and an upgrade to Ultegra. I almost bought the Tarmac Pro a few weekends ago, but had face the hard truth that just because I can afford the investment, it doesn’t mean I’ve earned it yet. $2500 in bike it more than adequate for me now. I intend to hold out the Tarmac as a reward for 1) hitting my ideal weight, and 2) having a “perfect” training season in the terms of consistency. If I can’t do those two things, I deserve to be on an entry level bike still :slight_smile:

$6000 USD + tax on Yeti SB100 and that was the cheapest build spec they offered at the time.

I am not bragging at all. I worked hard(no I’m not a dentist) and saved hard for a while to buy a new FS Mountain bike and while I love the bike and the joy it brings me, I hate how much I paid.


I bought a house from a riding buddy who needed to move in a hurry and didn’t have time to line up a buyer by the traditional means. We couldn’t come to terms on the house so I made him throw in some other stuff, including his Trek Madone 5.9.

When people ask how much I paid for the bike I always told them “Over $100K. But I got a free house with it.”


~$4000 CAD on a 2016 Giant TCR pro 1. I have added a Quarq power meter recently but other than that it is basically stock. Been loving it so far, super happy with it.

I paid 2700 CHF ($2730) on a secon-hand S-works Tarmac with a Dura-Ace DI2. It was 4 years old but in perfect condition.

Paid $1400 for a used 2016 Felt B2 last year, which I think was a steal (Ultegra DI2, upgraded bars, saddle, and others) and have since added powertap pedals (~$650 refurb) and Zipp 404s ($1k used). Man does this stuff add up quick…

Around $3300 on my Specialized Epic mountain bike, $3000 or so on my Specialized Elite X1 cross bike, and maybe $2000 on my Felt road bike. My wife races also–cat 1 mtn biker, cat 2 cx–but I won’t get into what she’s spent on her bikes. It’s more than what I’ve spent. :slight_smile:

About equal to 10 months worth of my daughters dance fees. So a lot. :grin: :flushed:

But I got a smokin’ deal so…I saved a lot as well.:rofl:

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I think a better thread would be tell us the killer steals and deals you were able to get on your bike - best bang for buck - eBay, craigs, etc.

Too much

$1 less than the threshold for a divorce.


I dropped $2500 on my Specialized FS MTB. First new bike I bought, sadly I don’t ride it much, but its great for when I do go out with my MTB buddies. I’m currently saving up for a nice roadie since that’s where I spend most of my riding time.

My last two bikes were one and two years old when I bought them

Cannondale scalpel 2 Carbon - £5k new £1.5k paid

Cube stereo c:68 XTR di2. - £5.5k new £1.4k paid


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£600 for my Trek 1.1. Trusty steed but a tad heavy.

£2000+ for my Emonda SL6 Frameset and 105 Groupset + wheels
Taken out by a car late summer (had put on a new wheel set only two days before!!!)

Still waiting for settlement and a new summer bike :frowning:

Spent $550 on my Giant Contend 3, and spent about $2400 on my Giant Defy Advanced 1 last year… then proceed to spend another $700 on a Pioneer dual sided R8000 PM.

Best answer.