Anyone Tried Buycycle?

I’ve been trying to unload a couple of bikes and haven’t had any luck on FB marketplace or eBay, and I’m not quite willing to swallow The Pro’s Closet’s lowball offer. Anyone tried Buycycle? It seems fairly new, but wondering if anyone has any experience?

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I haven’t but I did sell a lot on the dutch 2nd hand market for good prices. My advice is to be patient, do not accept the first offer, sometimes it can take months and my 2nd tip is to sell the cheapest working configuration possible, sell premium expensive premium parts separately

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Hey, It seems they have just launched in the US. I landed on their platform via a Google ad as I had never heard of the platform either. I actually found the exact bike I have been looking for on their platform. It got shipped from Europe, and they took care of everything. The waiting time was a bit longer than a week but I guess that’s only fair if it’s shipped all the way from Europe. A nice little bonus is that they currently have a promo going on where the first 100 bikes are shipped for free… Overall, I have nothing to complain about and will definitely try to sell a bike on their platform as well at some point in the future. Hope this helps.

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do you have to pay import fees if it’s coming to the US From Europe?

I looked on Buycycle for “colnago” and only saw a bunch of full MSRP ads from dealers. Otherwise, nothing.

The reality is that the bicycle market has turned from a seller’s market to a buyer’s market. All the covid cyclists have gotten out and their bikes keep coming to market. Bicycle companies also overproduced post covid and now sales are everywhere.

It’s actually more normal that good used road bikes sell for < 50 cents on the dollar. In the past I scored amazing deals for 30 cents on the dollar. Like 2 year old mint condition bikes that were $9K builds for $3k. That is the normal bicycle market.

I just checked them out. Not a huge selection yet but hopefully it’ll grow. The one thing that did turn me off was what looks to be false advertising. When you click to sell your bike, they make it appear that you don’t get charged a fee. But if you read the FAQs they charge 2.5% of the final sale price. I’m fine with the fee since they provide shipping materials, but don’t try to hide it.


what bike did you get? Would mind sharing the price you paid for it? Would be great if you could share some pictures so people can see the condition the bike is.


I actually uploaded a bike there a week ago and they don’t charge a seller fee in the US as of now. That will change in the future but I called their support, who confirmed that uploading a bike is always free and the for the first few months they will not charge a fee for selling a bike, either.

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I suspect the 2.5% fee is to help cover the credit card fees, but that is just a guess.

Yes, you do, which makes sense of course. Have you heard of a website where this wasn’t the case? In that case let me know haha

Personally, I’m happy to the pay the import duties if it means ifnding a bike at a good price (and of course in good condition)