Is Glory Cycles legit?

They always seem to have stock, and pricing is usually normal to good.

Normally I wouldn’t be that skeptical, but in our market where EVERYTHING is sold out, it gave me pause.

Is Glory Cycles ok to purchase from?

There have been VERY mixed reviews for them over time. Google should turn up some threads on other forums about them.

Yes, that was my concern. Was hoping to hear from this group either way, but I have my concerns for sure.

I’m not hearing good things

Thanks, I think I’ll plan to go elsewhere.

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It’s only one data point, but I purchased a Pinarello frame from them around 2015. It was a new, old stock frame from 2011 that was heavily discounted and that they were trying to move. It arrived well packed. I had that frame until last year, and had no problems with it. Served me well and was very happy with the purchase. I did make sure to call and e-mail before entering the order to make sure that the item was in stock and that there would be no delays. Sales person was assigned to me post my e-mail and he helped answer all of my questions.

One of my riding buddies has purchased several bikes from Glory. Needless to say, he’s a huge fan of the lads at Glory.

He wrote this:

Glory has a brick and mortar shop in Greenville, SC that I’ve been in so it’s legit in that sense.

I doubt they show accurate stock info. I’ve seen many websites don’t.

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i’ve purchased from them before and overall they’re legit. my one concern is that sometimes things don’t ship as soon as you want and there’s usually a delay for one reason or another before it actually gets shipped.

if you’re not in a rush then it’s fine. they also don’t charge tax for purchases from california so if you’re buying a frame that’s a good chunk of money saved.

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I’ve used them in the past and they were fine. Even had a warranty issue that they were reasonably helpful with. No issues here.

I’ve purchased things from them before. One time, the item I wanted was back-ordered (not identified so when I placed the order) and I waited for a long long time to get it. The other 2 times I ordered from them, my order was shipped right away.