Bell recommendations for Enve bar & stem

Love my Spurcycle, but I just installed a new pair of ENVE AR bars and it doesn’t fit between the bar and stem.

Any recommendations for a bell that has a narrow clamp but sits high enough to clear the top of the stem?

If you don’t have a Dremel, buy this for your drill and make the metal attachment loop just a tad narrower. I think that’d be OK since there isn’t much weight or leverage involved.

Or does the bell also not sit high enough, even if the band were to fit? Can it be rotated?

Not the answer asked for, but is it possible/practical to place it under the stem or on the drops?

I place my bell beneath the shifter on the left. Works well with 1x, might hit the shifter when braking 2x but you can fiddle around with it. Nice to have easy access to bell living in a city

The band fits, but the bell hits the stem, rendering it useless….doesn’t matter if I rotate it.

In the drops would not make it readily accessible, I don’t think…and the ergonomics of the hammer would be 90* off, I think.

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When I fitted my AR bars I ended up buying this bell which attaches using an elastic band: LEZYNE CLASSIC BRASS BICYCLE BELL – Lezyne

It’s not ideal but given that I don’t really need a bell that often on this particular bike it has been good enough. Can fit it when I know it might be needed and also remove it to stick in a pocket or bag whilst still pedaling if desired. I usually just fit it to the flat section of the bars.

There are options for mounting a Spurcycle bell elsewhere…
Bar end, if you’ve cut your Enve bars…

And somewhere I saw an out front mount that had a bell mounted underneath the Garmin…

Interesting option…but damn, that is almost as expensive as the Spurcycle itself!

yeah, I saw something like that last year…not certain how accessible it would be, though. ETA - just checked them out…just brings me back to my original problem. The mount goes to one side of the stem and I don’t have room for a clamp there now.

I had one of those a few years ago…didn’t like it much. Never a very solid mount and the sound was pretty “meh”.

This looks like a viable option…replaces a 1 1/8 headset spacer.

Anyone tried this one?

Agreed, but mine was for very occasional use.

This is absolutely not the answer to the question you asked, but thinking about it just made me wonder if I ought to give a Timber Bell a try:
I didn’t know they had a lockout so you don’t have to listen to it the whole ride. That makes it way more interesting for me. My Enve bars are on a gravel bike so a bell is mostly unnecessary except for distinct stretches of shared-use paths. I’m now even thinking about getting the elastic band version and putting it somewhere other than my bars - seatpost for example.

Aero bar with a bell… not sure if trolling?

yeah, the majority of our gravel riding is a multi-use trail with lots of pedestrians around the forest preserves. Bell is pretty mandatory for survival.

Seems an odd question given that I started a thread and have participated in earnest. See above…a bell is mandatory for the gravel riding in my area and I prefer a flattop / aero HB. My Spurcycle was rotated to keep it out of the wind.

I don’t know how good it is but I’ve seen a Knog bell a few times that might do the trick Knog Oi Classic Bike Bell | Bells | Wiggle

Thanks…pretty sure I would have the space issue with that OI bell, as well. But it is a good design.

The biggest issue I see with the PDW bell I linked to above is possibly knocking it with my knee with out of the saddle…

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I have this one and the more expensive version that’s all metal. They suck! Both. The plastic one is absolute garbage and the one that costs 40$ is tolerable at best. Not worth it.

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+1 for the Timber Bell; easy to silence it, and I’ve gotten lots of appreciation from hikers and horseback riders.

Yeah, the Timberbell won’t work for the same reason that my Spurcycle bell won’t work…there is not enough space to mount it.

Receive the PDW Alexander Graham last night and installed it. Swapped out with one of the spacer above my stem (haven’t yet cut down my steerer). Seems like it will solve the problem, my only concern will be potentially knocking the bell with my knee.

We’ll see once it warms up enough to get outside…or on Spring Break next weekend.

What’s the thread dimension of the stem spacer you mount the bell on? Is it M3? Might buy this to mount my Bontrager ION lights directly onto the Stemspacer instead of plastic mount around it.

The Knog Oi Luxe is much better than the basic one, but still not as good a sound as the Spurcycle IMHO. A Knog Oi Luxe that fitted in place of a headset spacer would be the best of all worlds.