Bar end vs under stem Di2 junction for gravel/all road bike

I’m having my LBS build up a Lynskey GR300 with GRX Di2 in a week or so. I thought I had everything figured out, but as the time grows near I’m second guessing everything!!

I’d planned to use some Spank bars with a foam core to help smooth out rough roads/gravel, but the more I look at it, I don’t think those bars are for me. The flat tops and drops look at an awkward angle compared to my favorite road bars (Canyon H31 which is perfect for me).

I started looking at the Enve Gravel bars which look like they’ll tick all the boxes for me but they also allow a bar end Di2 junction. On one hand, I think this could be an issue if I need to swap bars down the road or if they break somehow. On the other hand, it makes for for very clean install and I’m sure the bars must be pretty rugged if marketed fkr gravel.

Any thoughts on those bars and/or junction locations? Thank you!!

Di2 bar end junction is worth having IMO. You don’t have to take out the post to charge, you can change shifting mode while on the bike (if you’re running 2x), it’s a neater look, more secure, etc etc. Yes, if you need to change the bars it’s a tougher job, but tbh unless you’re externally routing everything, it’s going to be fiddly anyway.

I don’t think the Enve bars are likely to break, if they are marketed as gravel bars. If they have a weight limit, make sure sure you’re under it, but otherwise, this is a bit of a no-brainer IMO.


You had me at “no-brainer”…that’s about the level of decision making I can handle these days :rofl:

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I went for the 5 port under stem option for easily modifying the setup when adding clip-on bars and extra shifters.

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