Garmin Mount for Aerofly

Does anyone have any recommendations for a Garmin mount for aero road bars, specifically the Specialized Aerofly? I have an old Sram mount and there isn’t enough room between the round part of the bar and where it flattens out. If possible i would prefer not to use the 4 bolts where the stem attaches to the bar.


I had the exact problems…
I end up using the stem bolt mounts. It’s not a big deal even on sprints.

Other than that couple of options… There’s a Japanese website that makes an aerofly mount using 2 rings on both side of the bar. I don’t remember the name but you can Google it.

Get an enve stem with the mount… If you wanna play ya gotta pay $$$

Get a fork mount.

Lastly if your stem is long enough, just use the rubber strap from your garmin.

I ended up using the stem bolts as well. Would be interested to know the other available options though. @osmondcreative has some pretty helpful insights to start with.

Here’s the Japanese mount on eBay…

Personally I just don’t like the look, but if it work it works!

I use a FormMount by F3 Cycling with my PRO Vibe aero bars. I have had zero issues with it, and IMO looks very nice.

+1 for F3. It’s the only good option.

Which stem mount do you use? I have the aerofly handlebars with a sopecialized stem, which i believe is narrower than the enve stems. The Enve garmin mount is too wide for my specialized stem.

I just use a cheap stem front mount from Amazon.

My LBS sent me to this one, for a Bontrager stem:

Best Tek Garmin Edge Extended Out-Front Mount, Bike Handlebar Mount for NiteRide…