Belgian Waffle Ride, Equipment Upgrades, Recovery Tactics and More – Ask a Cycling Coach 317

Ha! That’s why I clicked on this link :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Nate mentioned in the podcast that they changed the Tahoe trail course and it was slower this year. I was using Jonathon’s time as my pacing strategy for silver corral but after hearing Nate’s comment I am wondering if that was a bad call. I came up short due to nutrition but I am curious what the changes were. I can’t see any major changes in the map so I can’t imagine it was significantly slower.

YAY glad you thought of that! Hopefully it helps in the future, it certainly has helped me. My go-to this week has been banana with almond butter or ‘ants on a log’. :rofl:


The winding climb that zig zagged was the time extender over the previous climb used in the past. I did the race in 2019 and this year and it added about 3-4 mins. It was also hotter and dustier adding some time as well.

Is this thing clarified in the meanwhile? :nerd_face:

  • FTP Prediction ( estimated peak via his current AT plan )

No firm mention, but I have not seen a single beta tester outside of TR mention it. So I think it’s safe to say that it’s still internal only.

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It was mentioned that there exists a chart that says the value of equipment upgrades. Anyone know where it can be found?

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Im honestly shocked at people washing their bibs every single ride.


Call me a clean freak, but considering the conditions in play with bibs (sweat and… you know…), the idea of wearing them after a previous ride is just plain “dirty” to me.

I won’t reuse underwear without a full wash, so I see no reason to double-dip on bibs that are even more in contact and work with tougher conditions by comparison.


And How is Pidcock not a mountain biker? Hes only been a world tour racer not even a year, did a lot of mtb and cross in the prior years. And VdP really only did a lot of road recently too, Silly comment by Keegan

Ill preface by saying i’ve never had issues with saddle sores or anything, for that matter, down there (furiously knocking on wood).

Im on team TRChad here, im not actively trying to ride in dirty bibs but also not losing any sleep if i have to. to me, youre immediately going to get disgusting on a ride so unless you do have issues with saddle sores requiring clean bibs to ride is just silly to me.

This feels like a Boston, Be a Man post now :joy:

Its probably because he’s on a road team. But yeah, i’d consider him a MTBer more than anything at this point. Im really interested to see what Ineos does with him.

I completely agree. I ride mountain, road and gravel. Am I not a mountain biker because I like other disciplines? Strange comment. If mvp can beat Keegan in every mountain bike race they do together how is mvp not a mountain biker??

Thanks for sharing it.

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