Beginners question re. Traing Plans

I’m coming from long distance running background (and even that I only started in my late 50s) and have decided to move to bikes as it seems to be less punishing on my old body.

I’ve just completed the Ramp Test (good heart, weak legs) and assume that the result is used as the basis for any training plans created by using Plan Builder.

Given that no events will be held in Australia in the near future, I don’t have a (race) target, but let’s aim for a 100km+ ride before Chrtistmas.

The plan builder recommends a low training volume and my question is if I can do additional rides (or runs) if I feel up to it.


Of course!
You can either schedule specific workouts in advance (e. g. on the website) or you can just select one in the app. I recommend you have a look at the Train Now feature: it’ll give you three different suggestions and takes your workout history into account.

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…you can also just ride unscheduled. Even outside. Or go running :slight_smile:

However, it is generally best not to add too much intensity, if you are also doing the TR workouts. So keep additional rides/runs in the endurance zone. The TR plan will probably provide enough intensity dor the week.

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My advice: TR plans have enough of intensity, no matter which volume they are. Low volume plans have 3 workouts/week and they’re all intensity. You can of course add more training if you feel up to it and can recover well. Make the additional rides/runs low intensity, zone 2. You can also extend the existing workouts if you have time.
More here:

Hi poldi54. I also came from a running background (80-100km/week). I was hit by a stolen car a while back which ended my running career unfortunately. I experienced the ‘good heart, weak legs’ thing too; the legs just couldn’t clear the burn fast enough. I think running uses more fast twitch… It took about 3 months for my legs to catch up to my cardiovascular system. Now I find my legs and breathing tap out at about the same time in a ramp test.

I started with low volume plans and added an outside ride once a week at endurance intensity. I’m looking to do the Brisbane to Gold Coast 100km event in October this year off this training.

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Thanks for your feedback. I’ll do block one and see how I go.